Stomach Woes

The countdown to Mali has begun. We’re supposed to leave for the first leg of our trip next Thursday but all of a sudden I am worried that we might not be able to go. What could possibly keep Clare and I from going to Mali?


Nasty buggers. Clare is awaiting her test results and the verdict from the doctor. If she is suffering from giardia or amoebic dystenary (oh no!) then we can quickly clear it up with the help of modern medicine and be on our way. If it turns out to be a virus then we’ll have to wait and see. My poor friend is suffering from cramps and a bunch of other not so pleasant symptoms.

Now I am worried about the health of my intestines… am I playing the part of a living incubator? Only time will tell, but I am a little paranoid.

The good news is that there is a wonderfully competent doctor downtown and a lab open 24 hours a day. It seems so weird that I have been in such great health up until this point and now my adventure vacation in being threatened.

Clare, the trooper that she is, has been a great sport about being a parasitic host.

In other news I just found out yesterday that I received a rather large scholarship!!! Very great news. Clare and Shannon celebrated with me by eating pizza and a beer at the gas station down the street. I know, I know, the gas station doesn’t seem like a hip place to get pizza, but it was really fantastic! The only awkward part was getting dirty looks from the missionaries sitting across from us as we took sips of our cold brews.


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