Last day of work

Well, tomorrow Clare and I are leaving on our crazy trip to Timbuktu and back.

The plan is to get to the car station tomorrow morning around 5-6am and wait until we get the front seats on a car going to Kidira, a town in the far far east of Senegal. We’ll stay the night with a Tostan facilitator, head across the border into Mali the next morning and get a train or car or something onto Bamako-the capitol of Mali

My bags are not packed yet. I still need to buy a 2 week toilet paper supply and I have not taken a shower in three days due to water shortages in the volunteer apartment.

It is going to be hot. It’s going to be crazy. We have no idea how we are getting most places, where we’ll be staying and how this is all going to work out.

I can’t wait : )


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One Response to Last day of work

  1. avenuez says:

    Heather and Clare —

    You’re going to love it! I spent 2.5 years in Mali as a Peace Corps volunteer. I never got to Timbuktu, but I traveled all around the country several times.

    Just be brave and ask for help. People are so very nice. And learn a few Malian greetings in Bambara. That will get you really far.

    K’am B’u Fo! (Greet the people for me)

    Beth (aka Kadiatou Sidibe)

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