restaurant review


This homey restaurant fills an important culinary gap for the budget-conscious searching for alternatives to crêpes and Greek sandwich shops. It’s simple, good food at reasonable prices. Attractive pies and French-style fruit tartes sit in the window display and the baker/co-owner is at the register. The lunch menu for €8.40and includes generous slices of quiche like salmon with potatoes or savory tartes with goat cheese and figs. The slices are served with a small salad and followed by dessert and choice of espresso or perfumed orange blossom water which is not to be missed. Try the owner’s specialty: Dark chocolate with walnuts or apricots and pistachio. While the décor is utilitarian, the friendly attitude and bohemian flair make up for less-than-comfortable chairs. Mouff’tartes. 53, rue Mouffetard 750005. Tél: 01 43 37 21 89


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