Marvelous Monday News:

get thee to a nunnery, but don’t forget to pack your brass knuckles

Newsflashes from around the world.

Don’t mess with Sister Annamaria if you know what’s good for you. In a recently disclosed story, two Italian nuns attacked, scratched and threw down with their sister superior in response to creative (and spiritual?) differences. The nunnery/convent/boxing ring will be closed until further notice.

Stateside we learned that Almonds are In. I’ve always admired how fad food vocabulary mimics the fashion industry. Are walnuts the new black? Will they be sold at The Gap?

The Dutch are geniuses: At a recent green energy convention they unveiled the Qbox…which is not the lovechild of steamy romance between the Xbox and a Qtip, but rather a smart device that can streamline your energy consumption, turn on your dishwasher at the most energy optimal moment in the day, save the planet… AND read you a bedtime story. Yes, yes, but will it blend?

Finally, in local news. I introduced my parents to I Can Has Cheeseburger, because here at the Daniel house we like to keep it real.


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One Response to Marvelous Monday News:

  1. mikevitellaro says:

    No better way to party then with a group of nuns singing karaoke.

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