Pick your Cooking Pumpkin

Pumpkin Cookfest 2007 is upon us.

There are two types of cooks in the world. There are the cooks that don’t mind taking shortcuts and who happily reach for pref-fab mashed potatoes or instant oatmeal. Most of the time I’m so indiscriminate about food (I just want to eat, yo!) that I don’t really care if you spent 20 minutes or 2 hours slaving away in the kitchen. Food is food, right?

Mostly, I’d agree with you, but there are certain foods, like oatmeal and pumpkins, that deserve better treatment. Especially pumpkins. Canned pumpkin is so predictable. You’ll get the same generic pumpkin pie or pumpkin cookie. It’s the McDonald’s of canned foods. The ol’ standby booty call of the culinary world. You’ll get the same flavor, consistency and color every, single freakin’ time.

Instead of ye old can of bored pumpkin use a real pumpkin. Really, you can! Do not use big, jack-o-lantern pumpkins. In this case, smaller is better. Find firm, small pumpkins like the Carnival or Winter Luxury varieties. I’ve had luck with the Lumina pumpkin. It’s white on the outside, has great texture and a deep, vibrant orange flesh -perfect for pies and sidedishes.

For more information on selecting the perfect cooking pumpkin look here


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One Response to Pick your Cooking Pumpkin

  1. mikevitellaro says:

    I crave pumpkin pie now. Thanks.

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