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My first mistake of the morning was going to for relevant news and my second error was in being surprised by the quality of the journalism. Obviously a majority of their stories are edited by an afterschool high school yearbook staff. Or worse.
I just couldn’t help but make a jab at this gem:

No Ordinary Trip: Visiting Afghanistan”

Yes, those editors at really know how to craft a headline. I’m sure that most of us would agree that traveling to Kabal is nothing like, say, antique shopping in Connecticut.




(first google image for the search term “traveling in Afghanistan”)

But the stupidity continues with the opening sentence:

“I’m at least 40 minutes into my flight — glass of white wine in one hand, book in the other — when it suddenly dawns on me that this is no ordinary vacation: I’m going to Afghanistan.”

Really? Seriously? It took the harrows of traveling business class before you realized that Afghanistan might not be a relaxing, worry-free holiday? I’m confused.

I felt a twinge of guilt as I plowed through the article, because what follows is a fairly decent account of planning to travel to countries where tourism is non-existant- with special focus on female travelers. OK, so she had me there. I’m a woman, I travel to odd places and her account of Bayiman was intriguing. I guess only Cnn’s editors can be blamed for packaging what is otherwise a fine story with a dreadful lead.


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