Paris Strikes: Report from the Front Lines

I have a guest blogger today who has been kind enough to provide details about the transportation strike in Paris (one that is oddly absent from the press here in the states.) He’s French, and his English is -as the French would say – not so bad. I only made small changes to his text.

Transportation Strikes in Paris.

Yes indeed it’s the Strike today !

What a marvelous country that France, with its wines, chesses, its culture and its strikes…Fortunately, the weather is with us. A beautiful sun illuminates the capital even if the temperatures remain cold.

Personally I didn’t have much of a problem coming to work by bike this morning. (A thing I haven’t done in years)

It was amusing to see all these people on the bicycles moving through the bus corridors that were deserted by the RATP (Paris public transportation company). It’s as if all the boulevards are now reserved for the bicycles. It’s dream come true for all the ecologists of the capital…

Finally, the disorder seems less than imagined. Indeed thanks to this wonderful invention that are the RTT (reduction of working time, synonymous with additional days off), about half the city seems to have taken the day off. So, I think that the local movie theaters will see the most traffic. Undoubtedly people can’t wait to see the last “Rush hour 3” or maybe the beautiful George interpreting “Micheal Clayton” which does attract in mass the women.

In short, a day of strike under the sun with half of people on leave is not so terrible. However I think that the trade unions did not say their last word. Rumors circulate they they are preparing a “Trafalgar” trick for tomorrow which means yet another day of bike riding. Is today the calm day before the storm?


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One Response to Paris Strikes: Report from the Front Lines

  1. type a personality says:

    are they, the french, always this happy?

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