Review the Gu

The thing about long runs is that you have A LOT of time to think. Just under 3 hours where it’s nothing but you and a whole lot of miles. Today I decided to give a some new GU flavors a test run and I had a lot of time to think about each one. So, I thought I’d share with you my GU Review conclusions. NOTE: Each GU contains 100 calories and should be consumed every 45 minutes.

Appetizer: 45 minutes. My first GU of the day was a flavor called JUST PLAIN. I figured that would a good place to start-why worry about complicated flavors? Just Plain seems like it would be equivalent of a bread basket in a finer restaurant. If anything Just Plain was too plain. I don’t remember anything about its taste- a serious gastronomic faux-pas.

Main Course: 1:30. I decided that the second course should be VANILLA BEAN. This is the only GU I’ve used in the past and wanted something familiar as I made it to the half-way-point in the run. I wouldn’t call the flavor Vanilla Bean so much as FAKE VANILLA EXTRACT WITH A HINT OF MALTODEXTRIN, but I don’t think that would fit on the tiny little packet.

Dessert: 2:16 Of course I saved CHOCOLATE MINT for dessert. Yummm! Thoughts of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies filled my head at mile 15.5. My legs were beginning to tire. The sugar/caffeine GU provides was helpful as I pushed through the final 5 miles. I definitely enjoyed the flavor, but I liked it less when I threw up a little bit of Chocolate Mint 6 minutes later.

Chaser: Post-run cooldown. I was feeling rather shaky at the end of the run, so decided to pop a STRAWBERRY-BANANA for fun, and in the name of research. It doesn’t have the caffeine additive of other GUs, but it didn’t make me queasy and certainly tasted Strawberry-Bananaish. So thumbs-up to that one.


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