Trends in Running Equipment

Running seemed like a bare-bones sport. You didn’t need a racket, a special court, a helmet or expensive skis. A good pair of running shoes got the job done. You didn’t have to reserve a tee-time or find a lap pool. You didn’t have to find a partner or a team, you could do it all by yourself with minimum financial investment.

OK, that’s what I used to think. That was before the days of paying $20 for a pair of socks and $4 for a PowerBar (it was Paris and I was desperate). But the more I run, the more I want high-tech running equipment. For example

1. There is the Running Skirt. I haven’t actually tried these yet and as someone pointed out they’re just like tennis skirts. Except you run in them and they are sold on place like and the Marathon Store. I’m attracted to the idea but so far I’ve only seen heavyset women wearing them and have steered clear thus far.

2. Fuel Belts. These things are awesome! It’s like a fannypack for runners. They store water, GU packets, keys, and that cute guy’s phone number you met one day while running on the lake trail. Umm, right. I bought one last year, but it’s bulky. What is even cooler is the Gel Ready Race Belt, A.K.A The Energy Holster.

The Energy Holster/ Gel Belt. Perfect for Marathons.


3. High-Tech Socks. The newest fad are foot-specific sock designs. Hypothetically they give you a better fit with less slippage inside the shoe, which means less blisters. With names like The Levitator, Performance Trainer, and The Wigwam Ingenius X2 Lite No-Show Sock, you already feel faster, don’t you?

4. Distance/Heart/Pace Monitors. This is like having a computer strapped to your wrist. I am talking about the Garmin Forefunner 305 and The Timex Bodylink Systems. They come with hefty price tags but can give you exact distances, heart rates, calories burned and you can even download/upload your info to make sure you hit your target heart rate. As someone midly obsessed with data accumulation and quantifying my runs, I want this SO bad. Granted, I think the Garmins are probably a better product and the 305 is on my Christmas/Birthday/Thanksgiving/Valentine’s Day/St. Patrick Day wishlist.


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2 Responses to Trends in Running Equipment

  1. stvmllr says:

    So I guess that someone is not a very credible source when it comes to his or her two cents on the practicality of wearing something for a sport that he or she does not participate in. Sometimes the views of an outsider can be the most valuable.

    HD: “Sorry Steve, I will not mention you or link to your blog this time. You’ve never worn a skirt or ran more than two miles in your life!”

    STV: “You’re so wrong! It was two and a quarter miles, and is it still considered a skirt if it shows buttcheeks? ”

    Oh, and I don’t think we met on a lake trail.

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