23 Miles Later. The long run review

Run, naked boys, run!

Today was an amazing day for a long run here in Sacramento. The day started out crisp, and the sunrise was amazing. I arrived at the American River Bike Trail fish hatchery parking lot, where I begin all my long runs, just as the sun crested Natomas lake.

Fall weather has made choosing an appropriate running outfit difficult. The mornings are chilly. You might think it’s time to pull out the longsleeved technical top from REI that your brother gave you last Christmas. But then you think that you’re going to be on the trail for 3.5 hours and that the longsleeves will be useless past 10A.M. Then remember what a pain it is to run with the top tied around your waist where it feels like a flotation device, or it comes unknotted every 2.4 minutes, or the ends flap on your ass in a manner that is both annoying and unattractive.

In the end you leave your running top in the car and decide to go with the tanktop and shorts combination. Which means that you suffer from numbness in your extremities for the first 45 minutes.

Once I warmed up sufficiently and got used to the numb fingertips, the run was very enjoyable for the first 15 miles. I had a great pace. An excellent pace even. I was probably averaging in the low 8mins/mile for the first 12 and then kind of maintained for a few more miles before exhaustion hit hard at mile 17. A flock of wild turkeys re-energized my morale at mile 20. I finished back at the parking lot tired and with lots of crusty salt on my face and neck. Kind of impressive.

The summary:

Completed: 23 miles

Time: 3hours, 20 minutes

Avg. Speed: 8.36 per mile

Fuel Sources: 1 Chocolate Outrage GU, 1 Triberry Gu, 1 Vanilla Cliff Bar Shots (*shudder*), water bottle

Today’s Favorite Songs:
1. Life is a Highway, James Conchran

2. Listen to her Heart, Tom Petty

3. You Can Do It, Ice Cube

Post-Run Meal: chocolate soy milk, pb&j sa’mmich- apricot jam because the strawberry kind looked poisonous, XXL glass of water.


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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3 Responses to 23 Miles Later. The long run review

  1. johntalaga says:

    I have “Life is a Highway” on my running mix too! The only difference is my “long run” is 5 miles and takes 50 minutes. Sometimes it involves air guitar. I feel ashamed.

  2. smchurchi says:

    Wow! Very impressive run! Which marathon are you training for?

  3. heatherdaniel says:

    I’m training for the California International Marathon. It’s December 2…only a few short weeks away!

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