My mom is the creepy cat lady.


Evidence against my mother:

She has four cats. Barney, Casper, Pumpkin (pictured above) and Tony/Tommy – Apparently there is a low-level dispute between my dad and my mom as to who this cat is – so he gets two names.


Descrption: Orange. The coolest cat. Enjoys chasing laser lights

Annoying Habit: Gets your attention by pawing on the mirror in the middle of the night


Description: Dumber than rocks and suffers from kitty panic attacks.

Annoying Habit: Paces the hallway meowing until someone feeds him thus making him annoying and obese.


Description: The cat with the most seniority and therefore the defacto cat gang leader.

Annoying Habit: Walks on the newspaper while you read it. Repeatedly attempts to use my face as a pillow.


Description: Newest addition and therefore the one with the most enemies – lurks and attacks other cats and ankles.

Annoying Habit: He seems so cuddly but apparently hates me. He will look directly at me and then pass me by because I don’t present a nice enough napping surface. He’s mean, impolite and ungrateful.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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