Long Run – 23 miles

The marathon is less than 10 days away, people!! It’s countdown time!!!

To celebrate, I ran my last long run.

I know, I know, I’ve shunned the 3 week taper rule, but a 10 day taper fits my personality so much better and I felt one more long run would really increase my confidence heading into the marathon.

The morning was cold, but the sky was clear and blue. I’ve messed up my training schedule the last couple of weeks so I was anxious to see how this run would go. Missing even a few days seems like such a big freakin’ deal. Missing two significant long runs seemed like death sentence. – I have not been a happy runner these past two weeks!

I tried to shake off my bad running mojo before hitting the trail. I woke up early and had Malt-o-Meal, coffee and water – my secret recipe to a successful long run – and updated my playlist.

With some carbs in my belly and GU packets in my pocket I headed down the trail. The run turned out really well in the end. I felt confident, relaxed and happy for most of the run. I also tried a new fuel source – and it’s a WINNER!

For awhile I’ve been battling nausea and leg fatigue at the end of my long runs. No matter what I did, I just pooped out at around mile 15. Somehow I got the idea that maybe I wasn’t getting enough salt – so this morning I picked up a bag of Clif Shot Bloks – Margarita Flavor with Salt

Clif Shot Bloks are the obvious love child between Gumi Bears and Jello Shots. They are chewy, but easy enough to swallow on the run – and more importantly they pack 3 times the sodium of other energy gels!!

You got to try this stuff! I was tired at the end but I didn’t feel nearly as drained nor sick to my stomach.

The blocks paired with some GU packets are a great combination.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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