California International Marathon: T-minus 2 Days

Today I will pack my bags and fly to Sacramento where my two greatest fans (my parents) will pick me up from the airport.

Tomorrow I get to pick up my race number from the runner’s expo. This is ALMOST as much fun as the race itself. You get to see masses of happy excited runner folk with smiles on their faces and there is the general buzz about the upcoming race. Zillions of vendors hawk clothing, running equipment and other races. And, then there’s the free swag! It’s Christmas come early for the marathon runners.

Tomorrow night I’ve planned a relaxing evening at home with some whole wheat pasta and chicken. There will be no exciting pre-race carb dinners or pasta parties. Just some simple foods and some TV before going to bed. My stomach has definitely been my biggest enemy this past week and I don’t want to give it any reason to act up.

Check back for more updates!

I blog when I’m nervous.


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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