Fighting the Early Morning

I decided on Sunday night that I should be a morning runner – to be one of those lonely, courageous souls dressed in layers of gortex and spandex that pound the dark pavement in the early hours. I would be the picture of health. I would fall asleep at 9:45 and wake up at 5:00 AM ready to tie up my laces and head out the door.

On Monday I managed a 30 minute run at 5:30. It seemed like a good way to start the week. On Monday night I got some more miles in, and since then my running shoes have sulked in the corner and eyed me with disgust. Running is taking a back seat and I’m letting myself bury under the covers instead of facing the cold. Obviously this can’t go on.


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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2 Responses to Fighting the Early Morning

  1. grace says:

    oh that “5 more minutes” in the morning… as much as you love running, you will always love the 5 minutes more!

  2. knitandrunjournal says:

    Early morning is the only time I have to run*. I am out there at 5:15 in the cold, dark. When I am finished, it is still dark outside. It is almost like I just dreamed I went running. I find getting everything ready the night before is a big help. I even pour a glass of water the night before.
    (*right now, I run at the gym after work because of the recent ice storm and power outages)

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