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Notes from a Lunch Time Run.

Portland basked under a bright blue sky today that belied just how cold the wind blew. During my lunch break I broke in a new pair of Mizuno Wave Elixirs with a quick run around the bridges…quick because it was … Continue reading

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Brussel Sprout, why have I foresaken you?

Do you ever wake up and say to yourself, “What I really need today are brussel sprouts.” No, I don’t either. I can think of about 27 other things I’d rather eat besides those green little things – like soy … Continue reading

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The Trouble with Treadmills

The treadmill is a necessary evil. When it is too cold, too dark, too late or just too miserable to run outside you are left with only one option: Complain and then hit the treadmill. Dreadful Treadmills: 1. I go … Continue reading

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Top Runs of 2007

I was tagged by a fellow runner and writer to list my Top Runs of 2007. I can’t resist a challenge but have modified the task slightly, so instead of my top runs of the year, I’ll tell you about … Continue reading

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Cascades 1/2 Marathon Race Report

Yesterday I ran the Cascades 1/2 Marathon outside of Salem, Oregon. Here’s how the day went down. 5:43 AM: Wake up. Say, “It’s Race Day!” out loud and then realize I still have 12 minutes left of sleep…lay impatiently in … Continue reading

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Only in Portland.

I go to Whole Foods on most lunch breaks when it’s too rainy to run or I’ve forgotten my socks. Again. Last Wednesday was just such a day and only the Whole Foods Soup Bar would do. I decided on … Continue reading

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I even surprised myself

Today I finally succeeded in waking up at 5:00 AM to squeeze in a 5 mile run before work. It could have even been longer if I didn’t have to schedule in time to use a hair straightener and find … Continue reading

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