2-17-08 Gresham, Oregon Springwater 10K Race Review

Last Sunday I competed in a local 10K fun run and was so damn proud of myself. All last week I couldn’t decide if I should even run the race. I’d never been to Gresham. I wasn’t feeling confident in my speedwork (rather I’ve not been doing any speed work) and I was reluctant to drive the 20 miles to the race. On the other hand, the 10k was pretty much the only available race in the Portland area. I’d been running exclusively on my own and figured I needed to remember how much fun it is to run with other people.

The day before the race I did something stupid. Really stupid. I woke up, felt great and decided to go on a long trail run. About 30 minutes into it I thought, “Maybe I should be conservative. Maybe I should just turn around right now.” But I kept running.

After 45 minutes I said “Now should I turn back?”

But I was stupid and kept running.

I went up a series of steep switchbacks and descended the other side and then worked my way back up another steep section of trail. “Now, now would be a good time to turn around…” Or I could take a GU and keep going…

I crossed several roads, muddied my shoes and remembered to drink water every 20 minutes. Finally, after more than an hour and a half of demanding running I thought how silly it all was and decided to turn around and head home. The Saturday run – I have no idea of the distance – lasted 3 1/2 hours. I got home, ate some food and decided I might as well race the next day too. It would be the weekend of epic running…

Sunday: I drove out to Gresham at 7AM and signed up for the race. There was a small field runners and I went back and forth about how many layers to wear. I become manic before a race and almost psyched myself out of running because I had an unfamiliar breakfast (not Malt-o-Meal!!). But race I did! It was flat, fast, out-and-back course. I worked through the first several miles in a pack of runners. We eventually split up – but it was such a rush to be surrounded by such fast runners! I glanced at my watch at the 2 mile mark…13 minutes!? No way! I felt strong and even if my legs were reluctant performers, they did their job well.

Overall: I placed 2nd in the race.

Time: 41:10 for 10K

Pace: 6:35/mile average! That’s a new PR by over three minutes and a very impressive time considering how much I ran the day before.

Lessons Learned:

A hard-boiled egg and apple sauce were not a good pre-race combo.

Over-easy eggs and sausage and toast and coffee were not a wise post-race combo


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2 Responses to 2-17-08 Gresham, Oregon Springwater 10K Race Review

  1. smchurchi says:

    Wow! What an amazing weekend of running you enjoyed! Fantastic 10k time and 2nd place – EXCELLENT!

    It’s great to read your blog again. I’m so glad that you’re running well. Boston will be a snap for you! 🙂


  2. Rachel says:

    Holy cow!!!! You are AMAZING.

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