Runner’s Breakfast: Third Edition

I have found a new breakfast food to love. And it’s not Malt-o-Meal! A shocker, I know. Recently I discovered Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Hot Rice Cereal

It’s a little nuttier tasting than Malt-o-Meal, seems to go down easier and leaves my finicky stomach quite calm in the mornings.

Here’s my pre-run recipe.

1/3 cup Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Rice Farina

1 cup water

splash of vanilla extract

Boil water in a small pan, add the hot cereal and lower the temp.

Add an additional 1/4-1/2 cup of water if you’re like me and like your porridge to be soupy rather than thick.

Cook for 5-8 minutes depending on how you like it.

Pour hot cereal into a bowl. Pour on some REAL maple syrup, top with raisins.

Instant energy!


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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3 Responses to Runner’s Breakfast: Third Edition

  1. smchurchi says:

    Yum…sounds delicious! Now, where does one buy Bob’s Red Mill Creamy Hot Rice Cereal?


  2. heatherdaniel says:

    I get my Bob’s Red Mill products from a local health food store. I also suspect that Whole Foods would be an excellent place to find it. It’s really really tasty if you like the hot, mushy cereals.

  3. run-co says:

    That’s sounds good. I love Malt-O-Meal and have seen this cereal in the store and wondered if it was any good. I will now have to try it.

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