Energy Gel Review: HoneyStinger

I continue to search for the perfect long distance fuel source

I tend to use a few energy gels on long runs (anything over 90-120 minutes), before races and during the marathon. Lately, I’ve also begun sneaking in 10 mile cruises around NW Portland before work. Getting some type of sugar  helps to keep me chugging along instead of crawling back into bed after 5 miles.

This weekend I tested the Chocolate HoneyStinger

Honey Stinger is thicker than GU but so much more palatable. It packs more calories too: 120 calories for the packet in comparison to 90-100 for GU, Hammergel or PowerGel. I really liked the flavor and the energy kick I received carried me through more than an hour of running. The main ingredient is honey instead of organic rice syrup (ew!) or malodexterin (meh), and I found that although it was sugary, it didn’t send me running for the porta-potty like PowerGel can.

Overall I give HoneyStinger a solid thumbs up. The only drawback is its thickness. It was quite a feat to get it all out of the packet and swallowed. I wonder if keeping the packet closer to my skin will keep the honey warmer and therefore more liquid-y.

And now I realize that I’ve written an entire blog about my experience with a sugar gel. I will have tag this entry “Nerd Alert” and get a life.


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One Response to Energy Gel Review: HoneyStinger

  1. Paul says:

    NO! You’re right on to be talking about this! Just this weekend my buddy and I were doing a 25 mile training run and were talking about which gels worked and tasted the best. I was using GU Tri-Berry and he was using a variety of GU products, his favorite being the Orange Burst. And although all of the GU gels worked and for the most part tasted pretty good, we both agreed that gu gel roctane was probably the best in regards to results. It’s higher in calories (110) and a few other things which include caffeine. (I don’t avoid using gels with caffeine but I try not to use too many as it ‘could’ upset the stomach. Although after using 6 of them with caffeine this weekend my stomach was fine.)
    So, I then went to order some more on-line and started to wonder if there were other products that folks had used that perhaps work better and gave them better results. So I did a search and found this review about E-Gel vs GU Gel:
    Have you ever tried e-gel? I would be very interested in hearing from other folks about gels in general and which onces worked the best.
    Obviously, my buddy Steve & I are good with the GU products but I’m always open to hear and try different things as long as they’re safe and make sense.

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