New Running Shoes Already?

I began to feel a funny ache in my knee last week.  Then I noticed the tread on my shoe was worn completely down on the ball of my foot. Weird.  My Mizunos are less than three months old. They certainly look terrible, mud-encrusted and totally loved – all good things.  But the signs are indisputable.  My running shoes, with about 300 miles in their soles,  are ready for retirement.

How cool! I wore out my running shoes. In less than three months!  As my dad told me yesterday on the phone, “You’re taking it to some other level I’m not real familiar with.”

While running looks like a fairly cheap  sport, the bills really add up.  Energy gels, running skirts (yes, I bought one), Balega socks, Mizunos, Boston marathon jackets and entry fees, the Garmin Forerunner 305 (I have yet to buy it, but it’s only a matter of time) – I don’t think there’s a week that goes by where I don’t need something for running! I’ll need a fatter wallet if I want to continue my love affair with running (a runaffair)?


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3 Responses to New Running Shoes Already?

  1. themarioblog says:

    You run much more than I do. And you do a lot of blogging about it. And your blog theme looks really cool. You win.

  2. smchurchi says:

    Ooh! I like that, “A runaffair”!

    You’re right – running can be a very expensive sport. I’m a nut about changing my sneaks. I watch my mileage carefully and change my shoes every 300 miles. Now, if you’re running 40, 50, 60+ mile weeks you buy new shoes constantly!

    Where did you find the honey gel?

  3. johnking82 says:

    I just bought two new pairs of Mizunos this week. I go through shoes like rolls of papertowels. It is a very expensive habit, but it’s a habit that’s beneficial to your health and mind. Get that Forerunner…it really helps during the races so you know what pace you are running instead of waiting for mile markers…I bet it will shave minutes off your time just by knowing your current pace. Congrats again on the 15K!!

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