Grocery Shopping.

One of my favorite places to people watch is the grocery store. I intentionally steer clear of the self check-out lines so that I can catch glimpses of what other kinds of food people are buying. I don’t own a TV and so maybe what I think is entertaining is only on par with, say, that one show with Howie Mandel and all the girls with the suitcases, but regardless, people buy some funny stuff.

Here’s what I saw on the conveyor belt at my very local Fred Meyers grocery store last night. My conclusions: People buy, and probably eat, a lot of crap.

Person in front of me:

2 Tombstone pizzas – pepperoni and cheese

Frozen french fries

1 Jar Hidden Valley Ranch

1 Tub Reduced Fat Cool Whip

I could clearly see the connection between the first three items, but then they threw in the Cool Whip. I can only imagine that the couple is going to go crazy with the ‘zza and fries, smothered in Ranch and then go off to the bed room with the Cool Whip… but then why reduced fat?

Person behind me:

1 Bakery Blackberry Pie

1 Six-Pack Blue Sky Vanilla Creme Soda

1 Kit-Kat Bar


Again…clearly this was a late-night dessert run. The pie looked good. So did the soda. But the bacon? Would they be making a bacon-kit-kat-blackberry pie creation?

3 packages of frozen butternut squash

1 package of Tension Tamer Tea

1 package of chamomile tea

I am the most boring of grocery shoppers. No dessert. No tempting treats. The tea wasn’t even caffeinated.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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