Boston Marathon, let’s make it a date.

Wow, I feel great this evening. My legs are sore, but I feel great.

I needed to have a good, positive run in a bad way and the half marathon gave me just what I needed. After running 62 miles last week, I was sore, run-down and demoralized. All week my legs were a mess. I took 3 days off and on Thursday I only managed a short 20 minute walk/jog. And it was an awful 20 minutes. Everything felt tired, swollen, stiff and disjointed. With Boston mere weeks away, you might imagine how a few bad runs can stir up a lot of doubt.

I took the week easy. I cut back the miles and almost decided not to race in the Portland 1/2 marathon… but then yesterday, the day before the race, I decided I might as well give it a shot. I signed-up through late registration, picked up my bib # and spent the remainder of the day pretending I wasn’t racing the next day. I  kept my stress levels down and I felt pretty excited when I woke up this morning to race.

The race went super and for the first time in months I feel excited about participating in the Boston Marathon instead of wracked with nervousness.


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One Response to Boston Marathon, let’s make it a date.

  1. smchurchi says:

    Sounds like you wisely listened to your body and gave it a much needed rest. That’s something I’ve traditionally been very poor at doing! By the way, I forgot to say congrats on your PR!


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