Running Wisdom in 13 Words or Less

I always find the The Runner’s Lounge “Take it and Run Thursdays” series to be inspiring and interesting to read. Up to this point I haven’t contributed, but found today’s post pretty cool.

The challenge of this week’s Take It and Run Thursday is to post some wisdom about running in 13 words or less.

Here’s what I came up with:

The hardest part of running is quieting the voice that says “I can’t.”


There is no such thing as too much BodyGlide and too many socks.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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6 Responses to Running Wisdom in 13 Words or Less

  1. kara says:

    smile…. I need to buy more socks!

  2. amy says:

    I love the first one. Could you imagine if our mind agreed with us everytime we run?

  3. What would we ever do without BodyGlide?

  4. Nice quote. Can’t agree more with your first quote.
    BTW, read your Boston Marathon posts too. Very nice report. Congrats on your race!

  5. Bob Allen says:

    I hear the voice yelling “I can’t” every time I decide to do a tempo run or, especially, track repeats. Making that voice go away is very certainly the hardest part of running. Thanks.

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