Take it and Run Thursday

The Runners Lounge Take it and Run Thursday:  where people with a passion for running and blogging get to share knowledge, inspiration and dirty little running secrets.

This week the editors are changing it up. Instead of sharing knowledge or answering one of their questions, we get to ask a question – and then wait feverently for some kind blogger/runners to answer them.

So, here are my questions.

1.  Would it be foolish to run three marathons this year?

I just finished the Boston Marathon and I’m ready to start my next training program. Ideally I’d like to compete in a marathon in July and The Portland Marathon in October. Is that too much? A little background info: I averaged 55 miles/week during my last training program and peaked at 65 miles/week. I’ve had no injuries other than a tight piriformis. I do little or no crosstraining, but I’m trying to get better at that.

2. Should I invest in a Garmin Forerunner 405?

I currently run with  only a stop watch and am totally in the dark about distances and pace. I always assume that I run a 9 min/mile pace which is probably not right – I’m pretty sure I’m quicker than that, but I can’t be sure. Is a heartrate monitor/ GPS device worth the price?

3. I like gadgets, I like clothes – What cool running accessory am I missing?

Examples might include, but are not limited to: the coolest sports bra I didn’t know existed, the most comfortable running shorts in the galaxy,  the best GU-like product I haven’t tried, the cutest tank top that will make me feel feminine, even at mile 22, when all I want to do is melt into the pavement.


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9 Responses to Take it and Run Thursday

  1. Bryan says:

    Being a relative newbie, I am not qualified to answer #1, and being a guy, I can’t help you with the coolest sports bra or the cutest tank top that will make you feel feminine (I’ll send my wife over, though), so I will address #2: Definitely!

    Okay, so I don’t own a Forerunner 405 myself, but I do own a Forerunner 305. I’ve had it since January, and I love it! I use it on all of my runs, and really appreciate having all of the data available to me post-run, and I really like being able to check my pace and heart rate during runs.

    Additionally, it has freed me to run wherever I want. I am no longer bound by known routes and I don’t have to worry about mapping new routes ahead of time, or remembering exactly where I went so that I can map a route after the fact.

  2. Betsy says:

    I don’t know about question #1, but I assume that since you ran Boston, you rock.

    As to question 2, I have a Garmin Forerunner 205, and I love it. It’s great knowing my pace and distance, and I didn’t feel the need for a heart rate monitor. The Garmin (or “Paula,” as I call it) has really improved my training.

    And finally, if you haven’t tried running in a skirt, you should! I like the ones by Champion C9 that you get at Target for about $20. They are insanely comfortable and fit me better than any pair of shorts I’ve ever worn.

  3. Kent says:

    I have no idea about 3 marathons only having run one myself, but add my name to the Garmin lovers. I would be a much worse and lazier runner without my 205. I wish now I had the heart rate functionality of the 305 model for my other workouts. Being a tech geek it gives me more information than I know what to do with, but seeing my splits of my recent half marathon and being able to compare them to last year’s race (5 faster miles over the last 8) is just one reason I appreciate it more and more.

  4. Justin says:

    Bra, no help. Skirt, not much help either – although there was that one time when I bowled for charity, but I doubt that is what you are looking for:-) So far as the three marathons I’m not sure, but battling the same questions myself. I just finished Boston and feel great. It is also most like the hard part of training up is done, why lose it now? I’ll just run till October, then back of to base miles. That being said, and this is just my plan, I plan on taking it easy for the last one, and using my Garmin (not so subtle plug) to ensure a reasonable pace. I don’t know if that helps, but it is my thoughts.

  5. Andrea Hill says:

    1. Definitely not! Many people I know consider Boston a “bonus” marathon, so it really doesn’t count 🙂 And October IS marathon month, so you have to run one then 🙂 Counting forward, I think July makes sense, but you would have to be careful about the weather. I’ve run a few half marathons in July, and they absolutely kick my butt. The drawback of that is that you’re just about to start “official” marathon training for the fall, and it could potentially play with your confidence. Or it may not 🙂
    I’ve done 5 in a year and 6 in a year, and not suffered for it…

    2. I have a Garmin 305 and I love it to death. A friend just got his 405 today, and it definitely looks nice. I’ll admit, I’m disappointed the foot pod doesn’t come with it, because I saw that as one of the big benefits. I think Garmins are the bomb!

    3. Uhhhh… pass 🙂

  6. smchurchi says:

    The Garmin is a MUST HAVE! I have the 305 and love it so much that I feel lost without it. You’ll be surprised at how much your training improves with the use of this handy-dandy gadget.

    My new favorite bra is the Alexis Bra by Moving Comfort. It’s a padded sport bra – can you even imagine!! I actually look like I have breasts in this beauty. I like it so well, that I bought it in 3 colors. Try it out!

    Three marathons this year? You definitely can do it. I run with a group of crazy run-a-holics. Some of these guys run 7 marathons a year. According to them, the trick is to always stay in marathon shape. To do this, once a week you should run at least 15 miles. I’m going to try 3 this year, too.

    Fun post!

  7. SLB says:

    1. yes if you do it quick, don’t cycle down and up
    2. or a 305 their price is crashing through the floor
    3. anything by Hammer Nutrition or some Darn Tough socks

  8. Hi. Here’s my take on it:

    1. Training for 3 marathons can definitely be done. You just have to be careful about how to train for them. I think since you just finished boston (congratulations, BTW) you might think about recovering for a bit and then starting a full training program for the fall, in which case, you can run the middle marathon as an extended long run but not as a race…

    2. I’m in agreement with everyone else on the garmin. It has really made a tremendous difference in my training. It’s probably the best single running-related purchase I’ve ever made.

    3. I’m just a guy, so no sage advice from me, but I think the value of a nice pair of running shades cannot be overstated.

    Great comments from everyone. Thanks for your questions.

  9. Lou says:

    I’m just training for my first marathon this fall, so I really can’t answer your first question truthfully. I have a lot of runners as clients and know from treating their injuries that it does take a toll on your body. I think you really have to plan out and follow through on a good recovery plan between each one.

    I have a Garmin 305 and love it. I looked into the 405, but it had just come out on the market and figured it probably had some kinks to work out. The design on the 405 is much more user friendly as it is a touch screen/scroll design much like an ipod. And it doesn’t look like some huge star wars computer on your arm like the 305. That being said I love it anyway. It’s nice to have a GPS when you just want to go out and run without trying to map out a course and figure out mileages. It does make your training a little more “honest” because you can’t slack on pace if that is your goal. The heartrate monitor on the 305 is nice for the same reason. It’s good especially on recovery runs when you want to keep your heartrate down. I have yet to have any problems with losing satellite signals for the GPS like i’ve read about in other reviews. I’ve used it on trails and in the woods without a problem.

    Anyway, hope this is helpful.

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