Portland Weather


I had to share this great Portland weather story with you. Early this morning I went to the gym and while working out on the elliptical machine I listened to the local morning news.

This is what the weatherman said,

“Folks, it looks like it won’t be raining today (and I swear he said this…) … Just the possibility of a few spackles on the sidewalk”

SPACKLES!!!?? Spackles! What the hell is a spackle? I know that spackle can be used for building things like walls… but used as a weather term? And if that weren’t enough, he summed up the weather report by saying “Looks like were in for a dry day- except for the possibility of spackles later this afternoon”

Here is my definition:

Spackles: (noun) Spackles is NOT rain. It is a technical term used exclusively by Oregonian weather officials to describe the type precipitation that is appears as wet dots on a sidewalk, but may not be felt by citizens walking on “spackled” sidewalks. Spackles may turn into light intermittent showers, but by themselves “spackles” do not necessitate hats, umbrellas, raincoats, or other gear made of Gortex and only available at REI.


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