300 miles = Time for New Shoes

My poor running shoes. After 300 miles, my Mizuno Elixirs are starting to feel a little funny in the heels and under the ball of my foot. The tread is wearing down and my feet are starting to whisper to me that it’s about time to trade in or risk injury.

This isn’t a huge surprise. I’m racking up the miles again and my next pair of shoes will be the third pair for 2008. I’m toying with the idea of saving all my running shoes for the year and then doing something artistic and wacky with the pile of leftover running sneakers.

I’ve been really happy with my Mizuno Wave Elixirs, and I know that I should stick with what works, but part of me loves the idea of trying something new. I admit that I’m intrigued by the latest shoe reviews on RunnersWorld. Plus, some of the new designs are just so cool looking… not that I should care what the shoe looks like. Right?

So, does anyone have suggestions about whether I should go with what I know, or try something new. Should I look for a distance shoe and a shorter, faster shoe?


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6 Responses to 300 miles = Time for New Shoes

  1. Ed says:

    I wish I had gone with the next version of my last shoe rather than trying something new with these Brooks. My feet haven’t liked them one bit. I’m currently risk-averse when it comes to shoes.

  2. heatherdaniel says:

    “Risk-averse” is a great way to put it. I also feel like I’m leaning toward the “If it ain’t broke, why fix it” philosophy when it comes to picking running shoes.

    Also, I feel you on the Brooks. I ran in a pair of Brooks for a couple of months. It was not great.

  3. smchurchi says:

    I think it’s always tempting to try the latest and greatest running shoes, but if you’re happy with your Mizunos then I wouldn’t switch.

    Personally, I like the Brooks Trance, however, they’re very expensive. It’s funny: Not every shoe will work for every body (or should I say foot?).

    I, too, have to change my shoes every 300 miles. Who said running is an inexpensive sport?


  4. Marvin says:

    Try buying two pairs. It’s actually recommended to rotate between two or more shoes when training. Shoe rotations help extend the life of your shoes and help reduce injury. Buy one pair you are familiar with and experiment with another pair. Currently I’m switching between Asics, New Balance, and Zoot shoes.

  5. Amy says:

    I am with Marvin, two or three different shoes and rotating really helps me.

    And as for your next pair, I am now a Saucony fan!

  6. range says:

    Currently, I’m using Asics Kinsei’s. I’m nicely surprised.

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