Early Morning Run in Portland

I woke up early and was out mercilessly pounding the pavement at 5:45 AM. As I was leaving my apartment I had to pointedly ignore that voice inside my head that kept repeating “C’mmmon, you could just sleep in, right?”

I hate that voice. A lot.

It can be really difficult to ignore and sometimes I don’t succeed. But this morning I was able to get up and out the door before The Voice Who Doesn’t Like to Run could convince me to get back in bed.

This morning’s run took me up to Forest Park. I got to see the sun rising over downtown Portland and I was done with and back at my apartment just as the garbage trucks were making their neighborhood rounds. How cool is that? To be done with my 7 mile run before the day even begins.

A few minutes later I was caught by a neighbor while I took out my trash in my tiny spandex short and sports bra. Embarassing.


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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3 Responses to Early Morning Run in Portland

  1. That is a really cool feeling. It’s even more amazing on weekends. You bust out a long run and head home just as people are waking up. Feels so good.

  2. quicksilverrunner says:

    Good for you Heather!

    Not me–the voice is too strong. Pillow…snooze button.

    Happy running!


  3. zooeyibz says:

    that sounds beautiful! i’m not a born morning person but there is nothing better than that feeling of “i’ve done it!” to start your day…

    happy running 🙂

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