Mt. Hood Scramble 2008 Race Report

They call the race The Grandfather of Filth and the description on the website is as follows:

This event isn’t designed for the pansy-ass front avenue runner — DO NOT expect some cutesy lil’ downtown 5k, or some wussy boy trail-run. This mother is packed with adventure: hills, creeks, rock, dirt, heavy brush and more. Wear clothes you don’t mind ruining, and bring band-aids if you are concerned about some bleeding. As for aid stations… there is plenty of water on the course, but I’d think twice about drinking it… especially after you waded through it. As for the distance, well it’s about 6-miles or whatever “K”

I don’t even know where to start with this race report. It was crazy. It was hellish. It was so much fun I can’t wait to do it again. This race- known for it’s hardcore attitude, was even more hardcore than in years past. A very late snowstorm blanketed the race area (at around 4,000 + feet of elevation) with a couple of feet of snow earlier in the week. Most of the race was run on slushy, fragile snow pack and included at least 7 or 8 stream crossings. Don’t believe me? Check out these photos. (Thanks to Brian Conaghan for being an excellent photographer)

First there’s the river crossing

Then there were the trees

And then there was the downhill

It was an intense experience and I was proud of how I raced.

Race Highlights

1. Getting pancaked from behind by a guy when I tripped and fell in the snow. The guy was barreling after me, couldn’t stop in time and ended up squishing me. “I’m SO sorry!” he said. “Don’t worry!” I shouted as I scrambled back up and was on my way.

2. Crossing several very deep, very swift streams of melted snow. After about the fourth crossing I decided it was better not to count.

3. Seeing my running buddy kick ass. He placed something like 21st overall and second in his (very competitive) age group!

4. The weather was perfect! Clear, crisp and slightly warm. It made laying in the parking lot during the award ceremony that much nicer

5. Wearing arm warmers. I think they made me faster.

6. Feeling strong and fast, despite the elevation and the impossible course.

7. Taking third place in the women’s category


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2 Responses to Mt. Hood Scramble 2008 Race Report

  1. Meyrick says:

    Hey there… glad you’re posting again. I can’t remember how I fond your blog but I have always enjoyed it. That race description from the organizers is awesome! Congrats on third place!


  2. Marvin says:

    Snowstorm in June? River fording, tree dodging, rock hopping, you’re becoming a solid trail runner. Hmmm, maybe I should try one.

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