On Sore Legs and Weekly Mileage

My goal: run 65 miles this week. There, I said it! Phew…I wasn’t sure I had the guts to actually type it. But there it is, out for all blogdom (A.K.A the four people who read this blog plus my mom) to read.

When I compare myself to other runners I know that it can get a lot more hardcore than 65 mpw. Hell, some runners put in consistent 100-mile training weeks and I can only assume those brave souls are

1. Very fast

2. Very dedicated

3. Have a job that allows them to log lots of road time and

4. Have very understanding families/significant others/pets/or houseplants.

My dedication to running isn’t so much a problem. Right now it’s the sore leg muscles and insomnia that are cause for concern. The sore legs are result of tripping like an idiot on a gravel road on Monday’s run. The insomnia is all the fault of my neighbor, her new boyfriend and the creaky floorboards under her bed! Grrrrr!


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7 Responses to On Sore Legs and Weekly Mileage

  1. pinkcowgirl says:

    WOW!!! 65!!!! That’s impressive!!!! I’m just trying to get up to the freaking double digits!!! STUPID STOMACH KEEPING ME SICK!!! Good luck hitting 65!!!

  2. chefsy says:

    and would’ve weighed like a twig with an ultra strong legs to kick the mileage! woah, IMPRESSIVE GOAL you have here!! 🙂 what time do you usually take your route? owah!

  3. Meg says:

    That’s great! You’re tripling my milage this week!
    I have a similar problem with my neighbors! Luckily I can’t hear it from my bedroom. Good luck!

  4. Marvin says:

    I’m sure you have way more than four readers, I’m thinking five. 🙂

    Be extra careful when increasing mileage. To prevent injuries, the most common rule is an increase of no more than 10% each week, but I would go with how you feel. Since you are sore and having problems sleeping, try to just maintain your mileage or even decrease it this week. Wait until your legs heal and your neighbor dumps her boyfriend or fixes the floorboards, then increase your mileage.

  5. chefsy says:

    im suffering with insomnia myself.. 😦 its killing my runs!

  6. nimz says:

    wow .. 65 miles is a big goal .. goodluck with that .. I just trying to get some good cardio in throughout the week … but yea running regularly will def. help me loose those few extra pounds 😉
    oh and as u can tell from the comments, u have more than 5 readers 😉

  7. reluctantnerd says:

    maybe even 6 😉
    65 miles a week.. thats insane.
    Perhaps the insomnia is from blogging all night ?

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