66.5 Miles for the Week!

Last week I set a personal goal to run 65 miles during the week. I’ve been gradually increasing my weekly mileage for months and have stuck to the runner’s rule that one shouldn’t increase mileage more than 10% per week. Despite creating a solid base, avoiding injury and feeling physically capable of tackling the challenge, 65 miles in a week still felt unattainable. I kept wondering how could someone fit in ALL those miles in and still work full time, eat, sleep and maintain personal relationships? Could it be done? Could I run that much and still have energy to be me? The 65-mile week was as much a psychological goal as it was a physical one.

The results: I did it! I logged 66.5 miles last week. I didn’t sleep enough and it’s something that I’ll have to make a priority in the future. Daily chores such as laundry and dish washing took a back seat, and I was cranky all day Sunday – possibly the result of being slightly dehydrated from the trail run.

Here’s a peek at what my running schedule from last week. I’m still without a Garmin so I relied on mapmyrun.com, a friend’s Garmin and my own somewhat archaic calculations based on average miles per hour to figure out the distances (I always round down and estimate conservatively, so I’m confident that I ran at least 66.5 miles).

Training Week

Monday: Weight lifting in the morning. 10 miles in the evening.

Tuesday: Interval/speed work on the track. 600 repeats, 500 repeats and 400 repeats, warm-up and cool down = 8 miles

Wednesday: 5 slow miles in the morning before work. 7 hilly miles after work = 12 miles

Thursday: 10.5 miles on trails. Concentrating on the hills

Friday: Rest Day

Saturday: 21 miles on trails. Pretty hilly.

Sunday: Slow recovery 5 miles

= 66.5 miles

Personal Note: Right now this accomplishment feels hollow for private reasons. I don’t think blogs are the appropriate places or spaces to air very private matters. But I want to say that running gives me time me to reflect, review and find answers. I can only hope that during my runs this week I can address the issues that are troubling my heart and mind.


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9 Responses to 66.5 Miles for the Week!

  1. range says:

    Pretty cool! I took a rest day on Sunday.

  2. the mom says:

    and yes i do read your blog…and yes i do think 65 miles is crazy too much!!!! .. and when i talk to you i feel like a beached whale just thinking of what you are doing… and yes i am very proud of you.. and yes.. i believe in your ability to sort through all of life’s challenges.. running or not.

  3. heatherdaniel says:

    Hi, Mom! Thanks for stopping by.

  4. Wow! 65 miles?! That IS quite a distance! I’ve never done over 50 miles myself, so I totally respect the distance and internal fortitude you need to get there. It’s a great accomplishment!

    If you are like me though, all those miles on the road also means lots of time to think about life’s issues. I hope you find the answers you’re looking for.

    As your good bloggy friend, I hope you find the answers you’re looking for. You’ve such an inspiration to me during my training this summer that i’m sure your superwoman powers will get you through anything!

    But, If you need a sounding board for whatever, just drop me a line. Good luck!

  5. Tom says:

    You are an eloquent writer and a beautiful person. I too hope you find the answers you are looking for.

  6. That is a lot of miles! I am at awe, because I get excited right now when I break 20 miles/week.

    Best wishes to your troubling heart and mind!

  7. pinkcowgirl says:

    CONGRATS on meeting your goal!!!! Work on getting that sleep in so your running can stay strong!!!!

  8. Roads says:

    66.5 miles is a lot, but it’s good to test your limits sometimes. Perhaps you wouldn’t do it every week, but at least you know what it feels like and that you could do it if a training programme called for it.

    That kind of commitment can call for compromises, though, and sometimes they’re not worth making. Unless they involve laundry and dish washing, of course.

    And then there’s the other problem you allude to. That running too far can make you knackered and crotchety. But I’ll tell you what – it will improve your running in the next few weeks to come.

    Kind regards from London,

  9. smchurchi says:

    What a challenging week of running – congrats on meeting your goal. Just be careful, Heather. Listen to your body – if you’re tired, rest.

    If you ever need to chat, drop me an email.


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