Lacamas Lake 4-Miler: Race Report

Todays Race

Today's Race

Today’s Race: The Lacamas Lake 4-Miler

As a result of some incredibly poor planning on my part I ran 10 miles on Friday before work, 22 miles on Saturday and then woke up early to compete in today’s race. It was not exactly the smartest racing strategy. My logic behind such a ridiculous weekend of running? I rationalized that a 4-miler would be a good (if somewhat expensive) replacement for the speed practice I missed earlier in the week. Plus I’ve never run a 4-mile race before! How could I pass up an opportunity like that?

Race Goals: After the PR at the Flat 1/2 Marathon earlier this month and all the running this weekend, I didn’t establish any time goals. Instead I wanted to

1. Have fun

2. Run happy

3. Work on pushing my pace – especially on the hills

4. Refrain from getting nervous before the race

5. Celebrate with a Post Race Breakfast

Today was one of the first times I decided to race the shorter of two distances. I definitely felt guilty for running the 4-miler instead of the 1/2 marathon. I know I can do the distance, so shouldn’t I have done that instead? I felt a little twinge of envy as I saw the few hundred 1/2 marathoners take off 30 minutes before the start of my race. Shorter distances intimidate me and I would almost rather run 13.1 miles than 4.

Anyway, as the 4-mile runners gathered at the start line I chatted with people from my running club (Go, Red Lizards!). I am proud to report that I didn’t suffer from that pre-race sick/queasy nervous feeling. Maybe all this racing is finally desensitizing me? I can only hope so.

Soon enough the race started and I was off. The lead group of guys took off like gazelles. I hung with a small front group of runners for about, oh two minutes. The front woman runner quickly put a few hundred meters on me and after the first mile marker it became clear that I’d be running solo. I could have used the motivation to chase down another runner, but running the race pretty much by myself made for a very peaceful race. Well, OK, I’m not sure how peaceful I can feel huffing and puffing up a gigantic hill, but you know, it was a zen-filled huffing and puffing!

Race Highlight: The best part of the 4-miler? The gigantic hill at the end of the race. That thing took my breath away!

Race Summary: 4 miles in 30:0?

an approximate 7:30 pace.

2nd place female.

I know. I know…. had I done some proper pre-race resting I could have taken a minute or two off of that time!


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2 Responses to Lacamas Lake 4-Miler: Race Report

  1. ed carter says:

    Hey Heather…It was great chatting with you at the Lacamas Lake 4 miler. See you at the Tillamook Burn.

    Ed (go Lizards!)

  2. Nice race! 4-Milers are fun; obviously in a different sort of way than a half marathon would be. Going conservative in your first one is not such a bad thing because then you make it that much easier to PR in it again the next time you run!

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