Running Tip: Love Thy Feet.

It’s Take it and Run Thursday over at the Runner’s Lounge and we runners have been asked to share our tips, secrets and goofy ideas about feet with the rest of the blogging/running world. I am no podiatrist, but I do run a lot and my feet are kind of funny looking at a result. Maybe that makes me an expert.

Q: How do you care for your feet when you’re logging lots of miles or training for a marathon?

A: You kiss goodbye the thought of maintaining sexy, smooth feet. Because many things may be smooth, but your feet will not be one of them if you’re training for a marathon. Now that I’ve dispelled that nasty rumor,  let’s get onto some advice

1. BodyGlide: Maybe you think that BodyGlide is only for chub rub and inner thigh issues. Oh no, my friends! BodyGlide is also good for feet and especially good to use before a long run. I rub it between my toes to prevent friction and lather it on any trouble areas where I’ve developed hot spots in the past. Then I carefully slide my sock over my prepared feet and into my shoes.

2. Socks: I will stage an intervention if I see you running in cotton socks – seriously. Show some love and get some Balega’s or SmartWool or DryMax socks. For trail running I prefer  SmartWool Running PhD Ultra Light Mirco socks. They work great in the rain and give the impression of warmth even if my feet are soaking – something that happens all too often here in the Northwest. For street running and racing I prefer Balega’s Hidden Comfort socks. I haven’t had blisters with these yet.

3. Callouses are great. But not sexy. The whole underside of my foot has transformed into one gigantic pad  of hardened skin with very little feeling. My pinky toes no longer exist as they have been engulfed by thick, bullet-proof callouses. I am secretly proud of these unsightly hard patches. They are the physical proof of many miles on the road and trails and their existence prevents painful blisters and hot spots. Yay for callouses!

4. Change shoes regularly. I don’t fool around or try to stretch trainers for another 100 miles. Change them out frequently and your feet and just about everything else will love you (including the staff at your local running shop.)

5. Beg, plead, bargain or buy a footrub. I love me some footrubbin’. I’m getting a goofy, happy smile just thinking about it!  Having  my ugly, tired, calloused feet rubbed after a long run is probably the best thing in the world. If you love a runner, give them a footrub and they will be yours forever!


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4 Responses to Running Tip: Love Thy Feet.

  1. Betsy says:

    I too think of my hideous feet as a badge of honor.

  2. Great post! I have learned to embrace my ugly feet. They are who I am, a runner.

  3. tom says:

    Thanks for leaving your ideas, Heather. I always enjoy reading your blog.

    I’ve worn everyone of the socks you name. I too appreciate the Balega’s and the Drymax.

    Wish I could handle letting someone rub my feet but just can’t. Tickles too much.

  4. pinkcowgirl says:

    Ooooooooo I never thought about bodygliding my feet!!! Thanks for the tip!

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