Running inspiration.

Wow. Wow Wow! There are some truly amazing runners out there:

Sandy is in full taper mode for a her big marathon.

John just blew a 1/2 marathon out of the water.

Laura confirmed her status as a true Marathon Maniac.

The Lam(inator) logged a 20 miler  in preparation for the NYC marathon.

And today, locally, I cheered for 2 hours at the Portland Marathon. I had originally planned on running  the PDX marathon many months ago,  back before my mysterious oblique injury, and I was sad that I couldn’t participate. So I won’t run it, I said to myself, I guess I’ll just have to cheer instead.  So at 6:30 this morning I rolled out of bed, grabbed an umbrella and did my part as a spectator-cheerleader. I thought it might be difficult, you know, to watch a race I was supposed to run. I thought I might feel uncharitable, jealous and envious. But it turns out I wasn’t. I felt proud and happy and inspired. There are SO many amazing runners. The packleaders inspired me with their running form and quick pace. The middlepackers astounded me. I had no clue there were so many women running at a 3:15 pace (!!). And the walk-joggers humbled me. They looked to be having the most fun of all – I have never seen so many smiles during a race as I did when the 4:30 group sailed past me. I cheered for them all. I whooped. I hollared. I yelled and clapped like a madwoman because I know just important it is.

Then I returned home and promptly signed up for a 1/2 marathon next Sunday. I may be happy as a cheerleader, but I’m happiest when I get to pin a number on my shirt, toe up on the starting line and give it all I have.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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2 Responses to Running inspiration.

  1. Laura says:

    Awwww I totally didn’t think to look for you! If you were there till the 4:30 group, you were definitely there when I was. Thank you so much for all the cheering – I’m sure I heard it and felt great 🙂

  2. smchurchi says:

    Thank you for the shout out, Heather! You rock!

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