Shoe Review: Brooks Infiniti

New Shoes = Big Smile

New Shoes = Big Smile

As you can see from the photo, I get unreasonably excited about new running shoes.  They are such an important emotional, financial and physical investment. I spend an average 50 miles a week in running shoes, yo! So they have to be supportive. They have to be strong. They have to get me through the times I’d rather quit and walk home. Basically, they must have the qualities of a perfect man, but in shoe form.

That’s asking a lot.

But last week I met a new pair of running shoes. And I know it’s early in the relationship, but things are going really well. I think we might be going steady.

Name: Brooks Infiniti

Nickname: The Minivans

I already own a pair of trail running shoes that are like sturdy SUVs. Maybe a Jeep. They are tough and like to get dirty. In my closet I also have a pair of lighter performance training shoes that could be compared to a nice BMW sedan. They are quick. They are responsive. They lack cushion. Sometimes my feet get sore.

Then I introduced my feet to the Brooks Inifinits. At first they were not impresseed. They are so minivan-esque I might as well get my haircut and become a socceer mom. But you know what the catch is about minivans? It’s that they are so dang practical. The Minivans aren’t sexy shoes. They don’t make me feel like I’m made of lightning and cheetahs, but they are insanely comfortable. On my first run with the Brooks Infinitis I was suffering a headcold. I thought I’d go out for a 3-mile shuffle. But then the three miles became six. The minivans and my feet were really hitting it off. This could be good, I thought. At the end of the night my feet invited the minivans in for coffee and they next day my legs sent my brain flowers for being so thoughtful in purchasing such great shoes. Clearly, the Minivans have sparked a lovefest of good, running feelings throughout my body.

In short, the Minivans or if you prefer their real name, The Brooks Infinitis, love the road. They love long distances. They do not get tired. They do not want to go home. They do not like to cut runs short or skip workouts. They are perky, happy little minivan-esque shoes and when I wear them I feel like a very perky very happy little runner.


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2 Responses to Shoe Review: Brooks Infiniti

  1. Betsy says:

    You are just the cutest thing ever in that picture. I get just as excited about new running shoes.

  2. Laura says:

    What Brooks shoes do you normally wear? I’m all over the Adrenaline GTS 8s, and I’m wondering if these would be the trail version of thoes.

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