Speed work and mental road blocks.

I confess: It’s been over 4 weeks since my last “speed” workout.

Speed is in quotation marks because I’m not really all that speedy, but everyone keeps telling me that if I want to improve as a runner I need to work on hills and speed. So I do… kind of.

Anyway, tonight’s speed workout was scheduled with my local run club, The Red Lizards. As a side note, becoming a Lizard was a great choice and I highly recommend finding a run club for anyone looking to integrate some kind of social aspect into running. Logging mileage by yourself can get awfully lonely, not to mention workouts can start to look and feel the same. Running with other people is a great way to get out of the nasty rut that comes with running solo.

Back to the workout. I dread speed workouts like none other. Does this happen to anyone else? When I woke up this morning the first thing I thought about was track practice….oh no! And then I spent the next 12 hours hoping that a freak snowstorm or rain shower would cancel it. I couldn’t even bring myself to look up the workout on the TRL (The Red Lizard Club) website. I feared it all day long. All for nothing, because I ended up having a great time at practice. Sure, I sucked wind during our workout. Sure, it was hard. Sure, I look silly doing sprint workouts. My legs are massive, muscular tree trunks that would rather go for a long run in the woods – not run circles on the track, but they didtheir job tonight.

Lessons Learned:Track workouts are not my enemy. (REALLY!)


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3 Responses to Speed work and mental road blocks.

  1. Rhianne says:

    Wow, I need to get on a track! I dread speed work so have just ignored it for the few years that I have been running.

    Just out of curiosity, now that you are healing well what big runs are on the horizon for you? Any marathons coming up? I am thinking of heading down to the CIM this year for the first time!

  2. danica says:

    Good call on the group work outs. I’ve been thinking about joining a club and it sounds like you really enjoy it. Thanks for the tip!

  3. Speedwork make you look so good at races.

    But I agree, at the time you’re doing them, you think you’d feel less pain if you got run over by a truck (at least that’s the way I feel this morning when I was doing my tempo run).

    Good job coping with the enemy.

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