Lunch Time Run

At 9:30AM I felt grumpy, funky, and very upset. The day had started badly. I slept poorly and life was not looking rosy. At 11:15 I decided only an intense lunchtime run would make the world right again. Luckily, I had planned ahead and brought my running bag (Never leave home without it).

When lunchtime rolled around, I skipped off to the bathrooom and pulled out my workout clothes. GASSSSP!!! “Noooooooo!!!” I had brought my RSS (Ridiculously Short Shorts) instead of my only semi-RSS. Not cool! RSS are clearly not business casual.

Undeterred, I slid them on and felt like I instantly gained 17 pounds in my thunderous thighs. I contemplated not running at all just because of that – but I was having a seriously bad day and I needed a serious lunchtime run. The sanity of me and my cubiclemates depended on it.

On went the short shorts. On went Phil. On went my socks and shoes and hat. I scooted out the front door of the office before anyone could stop me. I ran down to the waterfront and across the Steel Bridge when it occured to me: Ridiculously Short Shorts seem twice as ridiculous and twice as short when you’re feeling slow.

Has anyone else felt this way? When I’m feeling fast – like I’m made of gazelles and shooting stars, when my pace is magnificent and my stride is light and airy – I feel like I could run naked and not care. But today I felt like I had two bruised, battered and swollen slabs of flesh attached to my hips. My legs were not responsive. They were not nimble and quick and they certainly did not give me any confidence wearing the RSSs. I plowed through seven miles as quickly as my cement-filled legs would carry me.

Despite feeling balloonish and slow, my lunchtime run did the trick. It was bright and blue outside. My legs may have felt awful, but it didn’t really matter. My run centered me and made my world right again. Lunchtime run, you saved me!


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10 Responses to Lunch Time Run

  1. Nat says:

    My RSS are mid-thigh… LOL. But I hear what you’re saying. When you’re slow and it’s hard — you just feel like you look god awful and silly for doing it.

    Putting the world right again is why I run.

  2. At least you got your miles in, ridiculous RSS or no…I only which I could have a lunchtime run in my line of work…

    Anyway good job on saving the sanity of your cubiclemates!

  3. Though I do not wear RSS, I do know what you feel about slow runs… They are the worst! It does not matter if a schedule forces you to slow down, or any type of physical state, they are pure bad.

    Despite the speed, running will indeed clear any mood. Good to hear you did the miles.

  4. Betsy says:

    Oh, Heather, you are a brave woman for wearing the RSS for a work run! It’s getting cold here, so I’ve switched the potential RSS embarassment for tights.

  5. Ana-Maria says:

    I have to say this – You look great in the RSS, though you might not always feel it!

  6. Laura says:

    I hate when I haven’t done laundry in a while and all I have left are RSS and I’m having a “fat day.” They’re not too embarrassing on a normal day, but if I’m bloated from eating too much/seltzer/time of the month, they’re the WORST.

  7. Aileen says:

    I have DEFINITELY felt the same way! When I’m feeling fast (as in, fast for me…I doubt many other people consider it fast!), I feel like suddenly my thighs have shrunk to a size 2 and my abs are perfectly flat.

  8. distantmusic says:

    I feel that way about my running skit — I can wear it only when I’m fairly sure I’m going to have a good (looking) run. Definitely nothing over 10 miles, or under 5 (not worth it). It’s funny that so many seem to have anxiety-inducing running clothes.

  9. danica says:

    Great story and I agree with you, my spandex shorts are a little bit TOO short when a bad day has crept up into my normally cheery outlook.

  10. pinkcowgirl says:

    Ahhhh paranoid running!!! Yeah, if I’m having a slow day, for me it turns in to a fat day. I think everyone goes through it!!! Lol.

    I refuse to wear my spandex shorts in the gym…only outside when I’m moving and no one gets a real look. Lol.

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