2009 Begins Now

After a stellar start to the year with my 5k dash, life in 2009 has been decidedly somber. Monday was SOOOO Mondayish. Work has been so workish! Even running has left me uninspired and listless. Honestly, it’s been kind of a drag.

So I’ve decided to press restart on 2009.

I scraped the first five days and started the year – again – yesterday. What a great choice, because so far 2009 has been perfect:

I went for a muddy night run in Forest Park last night -wheee! mud! darkness! wind!

I followed  said muddy run with a borderline too-hot shower and watched an impressive amount of mud accumulate around the drain

I ran 9.56 miles this morning before work.

I’ve finished two books in my spare time, did laundry and bought a houseplant.

So, listen up, 2009. I’m giving you a second chance. Let’s make this work.


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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5 Responses to 2009 Begins Now

  1. Maura says:

    Found your blog recently through some other running sites. I loved this post (and the rest of your blog in general). I feel like I’ll be rebooting on 2009 somewhere in March or April when the honeymoon of all its promise is over.

  2. Great decision to restart the new year. The mud-run sounds cool! The post-run shower is always rewarding, especially after a cold and wet run.

    Your post makes me want to trail-run, but living where I do, … there is no chance…

  3. heatherdaniel says:

    Maura – thanks for visiting! I love your idea about the honeymoon with 2009 ending in March.

    Count – The mud run was pretty fantastic. Do you have the ability to travel somewhere close by where you could do some trail running?

  4. aron says:

    nice job restarting the year 🙂 i started off great but work definitely put a damper on that!

  5. lindsay says:

    funny that you ‘restarted’. i hope ’09-take-2 is much smoother for you. 🙂 sounds like it’s off to a great start already!

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