Romantic Running

Whereas other ladies might go out with strapping guys, or on dates with  intellectual men, or get romantically involved with  sexy boys, it seems that I have developped a rather serious relationship with running.

We’re dating.

Or so it seems.

So maybe running isn’t going to buy me flowers for Valentine’s Day. And maybe running isn’t going to take me out for a nice dinner. But Running and I spend a lot of time together. Running takes me places. Running treats me well, makes me feel strong and thinks I look hot in spandex. I had thought that Running wasn’t such a bad boyfriend.

But then I missed my period.


(Time out: Was that too much information to share on this polite running blog?)

Running, I didn’t know you were going to be a jerk like that.

Seriously though, I haven’t missed a period since I was a 17-year old, stressed out, overweight exchange student. And that had more to do with excessive and sudden weight gain and emotional stress than anything else (it certainly wasn’t exercise induced).  Since then, there have been a few times I’ve been late, but generally, my cycle has been stable, somewhat annoying, and always regular. When Running and I first started seeing each other it wasn’t serious. But now we’re hanging out 60 miles a week. And then POOF. Just like that. No period! I am knocked up and I have only running to blame.

So apparently you can out run certain things in life, because I have out run my period.


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11 Responses to Romantic Running

  1. Funny! Although I have to warn you as an endocrinologist, one or two can all of a sudden become a pattern. I think you and your boyfriend need to have a serious conversation on your next long run!

  2. Ana-Maria says:

    Yikes, Heather, so sorry about that. I agree with the Laminator (though I am not an endocrinologist) that these things can get complicated and out of hand. It’s probably so frustrating, I mean, how can all the elite runners log over 100 miles a week and not run into this problem? Good luck! Ana-Maria

  3. Aileen says:

    Ha! Been there…and I’ve found it’s not so bad after a while!

  4. aron says:

    i have a couple friends that miss them during peak training… mine definitely gets lighter but hasnt disappeared.

  5. Amanda says:

    mine is way lighter, but I’d be frrriggin out if it stopped.. no babies here

  6. Jay says:

    That just means you’re ballerina thin.

  7. kevin says:

    Huh-larious! Me and running have been dating only 45 miles a week, but I spend more on her (shoes, gels, socks, entry fees) than I do sometimes on groceries.

  8. Speaking of being in a relationship w/ running:

  9. Do you have a big race in about 7 months? If so, I am predicting it might be a tough one…. kind of like giving birth.

  10. CoffeeBetsy says:

    I’m with the Laminator… make sure you’re taking care of yourself. Left bicep might not be the only one to rebel!

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