Garmin 405 Celebration Day

Today, I opened my email inbox to discover this most exciting news:

The Garmin 405 is now Mac compatible!!

My squel of excitement was heard throughout the department. For months Phil (my Garmin 405) and I have had a rocky relationship. Sometimes things go so well. Sometimes he gets anxious. But then sometimes he quits on me. Sometimes he goes blank in the middle of a long run. It’s been rough and at times I had to leave him behind and race solo.

Discovering that Phil, me and my computer are  now a  compatible threesome is BIG news.  Prior to today,  Phil and I run together, but our relationship ends as soon as I hit the re-set button. Sure, I’ve been able to review simple stats on my watch, and sometimes I’ve been able to use a PC at work, but that usually crashes halfway through my workout upload. It is nothing like the geeky happiness that could come with being able to analyze to the fullest extent all of my runs, all of my elevation changes, all of my heart rate zones.

I was near swooning with excitement.

Phil, I thought, this is it. We are going to be so happy together.

I quickly downloaded the software and uploaded my workouts. My excitement was so great that I had to share the news with not only my co-workers, but also my brother who was snarky enough to email me this:

(Quote from his email)

Too bad, like most of the men in your life, this is going to be full of promise and intrigue. He will lure your heart and tempt your mind with bits of information. He will wonder hills, explore valleys, cross chasms, streams and maybe even a river or mountain top. You will do all of these things believing that Phil is right there with you, savoring every moment just waiting for the opportunity to share his take on your adventures together only to find out that, like before, nothing has changed and he lost interest a mile and a half into your journey.

Mac or PC… it is still Phil. Whaaa Whaaaaaaaaaa!

Phil, you have a bad rap in the Daniel family. Clearly you’re going to need to make up with not only me, but also with my big brother. I suggest bringing him some microbrews. He’d like that.


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11 Responses to Garmin 405 Celebration Day

  1. Nat says:

    Oooooooh. I need to go download that right now.
    I find that I have to leave it plugged in or it loses it’s charge. (The previous Garmin I could unplug and it wouldn’t lose juice.)

    (Totally squeeeeeeeed too!)

  2. Nat says:

    Ooooh look at that apostrophe misuses…. its charge.

  3. Irish Cream says:

    LMAO!! Your brother’s email is hilarious! But this mac-compatibility is indeed exciting . . . perhaps it will turn everything around for you and Phil will finally start treating you right! 😉

  4. kevin says:

    See, I’ve been using Phil’s older brother, the 305. Very reliable, more mature, I guess. But maybe now that your Phil is all tricked out with Mac applications and all, your relationship with him will go swimmingly.

  5. Getting the stats off Garmin into any type of computer is the best thing that happened to me since I started to run. It is a source of eternal pleasure to go through the stats, the laptimes, plotting the runs on google maps and showing them off to running friends (especially runs in far-away places).

    Enjoy the endless possibilities!

  6. Aileen says:

    I was SO EXCITED when I got that email too. Will definitely be playing with Joanie Garmin allllllll weekend long!

  7. RuntoFinish says:

    what Flash and I can now communicate via my mac??? OMG!! I’ve been dragging home my work computer so I could have a PC to connect to

  8. Sarah says:

    too funny of a brother. i recently got the garmin 405 and love it but its hard to figure out how to use! that or im retarded….

  9. Marc says:

    When I was trying to decide on the 305 or the 405 a couple months ago, I went with the 305. A significant portion of the decision was that the 405 wouldn’t connect to my mac. Bad decision timing on my part, I guess. But then I also noticed that a new 305 and 405 were the same price from Garmin. Hmmm. Then I read a lot of bad reviews from people. Double hmmm. In the end, I went with the 305, despite my complete and utter distaste for its clunky appearance.

  10. Julianne says:

    Hi! I *just* got my Garmin 405 (named Kermit) and have been struggling to set it up. I did a good search on “how to use garmin 405” and your blog came up. And looks like we follow similiar running blogs. Why haven’t I come across yours before?? Anyway, I’ll be following you to see how the 405 works out for you! Congrats and good luck!


  11. Hi,
    Your brother’s letter is hilarious.
    Could I quote your brother’s letter anonymously in an article I plan to write about cultural differences in humor?


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