70 mile training week.

It’s Sunday night and I am a tired girl.


Because I ran 70 miles this week (new personal training record!!)

That’s right, I said it:  70 miles.

I had wondered what would happen when and if I ever broke the mysterious barrier between 60-mile weeks and 70-mile weeks.  Sixty miles seems like a lot but somehow 70 seemed SO much bigger, you know? As if 60 miles might be doable, but that 70 would be outlandish and silly.

It turns out that running 70 miles a week isn’t all that crazy. Well, of course is IS crazy, but relatively speaking, it isn’t such a big deal. I ran the miles. I still had time to make dinner, take out the trash, read a book (a very badly written book, but it still counts.) update my blog and signup for some races.

Here’s how the week went:

Monday: Had to stay late at work, but managed to fit in 5 slow, rainy miles after work. Not quality miles, but I was sore from the previous day’s Shamrock Run 15k.

Tuesday: Track practice. I ran to track from work, completed a nice leisurely 2-mile warm-up, a very very difficult track workout, followed by a leisurely cool-down, followed by a relaxing run back to my office to pick up my day bag = 10.5 miles

Wednesday: Double workout: 7 miles in the morning before work and a quick two miles after work before picking up my mom from the airport (my mom is in town visiting for a few days) = 9 miles

Thursday: Double workout: 8 hilly miles in the morning at a good pace, followed by a 7 mile tempo run at about a 6:55/mile pace after work. I did a small 1/2 mile cool-down following the tempo run. = 15.5 miles

Friday: Felt tired. Took the day off of running.

Saturday: Drove to the Oregon coast with my mom, the day was splendid, ran on  the beach  = 9 miles

Sunday: Long trail run day. My favorite run of the week. It was long and muddy and hilly and difficult  = 21 miles.

GRAND TOTAL: 70 miles!

I jotted down an initial training plan at the beginning of the week and adapted when non-running, real life things threatened to derail the schedule. For example, I’d originally planned to run 15 on Wednesday, not Thursday. However my mom’s  visit and my ability to sleep through the alarm clock required that I change  things up a bit – I ran 9 on Tuesday, sneaked in those fast two miles for fun at the end of the day and still made it on time to the airport to pick up my mom. Having the original plan and then adapting it was great. I felt organized, but not overwhelmed with specifics.

As a side note,  I can’t seem to shake a french fry craving. I want them.  All the time.  It’s kind of gross – or at least I feel a little silly craving them so badly. They’re french fries. They shouldn’t interest me. But I admit, I’ve had french fries three times in the last week alone.

That can’t be healthy.


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9 Responses to 70 mile training week.

  1. Congrats on your high mileage. I’m envious. My body craps at me even at 60. Sigh! Great job.

  2. Erik says:

    70 miles is amazing. I’m jealous.

    One of these days….

    Keep runnin hard!!


  3. Irish Cream says:

    AMAZING! 70 miles? I think you deserve all the french fries you can eat if you’re covering that much mileage! Great job!

  4. Ana-Maria says:

    I agree with Irish Cream. I am a strong believer in listening to your body when it comes to food. With all the mileage, no wander the body screams for salt, fat and carbs. What better combo? Enjoy them! I, too, am jealous of your ability to run 70mpw. You must have great biomechanics and also great organizational skills. It’s so nice to watch an elite runner in the making! Congrats! Ana-Maria

  5. aron says:

    you are amaaaaazing!!! give your body those french fries if thats what it wants 🙂

    do you make your own training schedule or do you follow one from a plan/book?

  6. Marc says:

    I doubt I will ever get to the point of running that much in a week simply because I can’t run on consecutive days. I don’t know what it is, but even if I run a measly 2 miles on consecutive days I will get sore and/or hurt for a couple days. So that’s 4 miles and getting hurt.
    OR I could run 5 miles, take a day off, and then run 7, resulting in 12 miles and nothing hurts after that next day off.
    So, to get to 70 miles, I’d have to average 17.5-mile runs and screw up my long training day for the next week.

  7. 70 miles a week is amazing. I am slacking so much that I am not even doing half of 70.

    I am curious which kind of track workouts you are doing? Would you like to share them if those are not TOP SECRET and CONFIDENTIAL workouts, 🙂

  8. copiaverborum says:

    *New reader, very impressed!*

    Way to go with breaking the 70 mile a week mark! Must feel good!

    I’m training for Boston right now and I’ve become a Boston cormorant in the past few weeks. So, I read your blog about last year’s 112th and I appreciate your attention to detail and honesty about the course and your training.

    Good luck with Eugene!

  9. JimR says:

    I stumbled on this blog while googling up something else. Pretty nice number to hit, isn’t it? And not as difficult as people imagine, it’s all in how you do it. I did this a few times last year and found those weeks among my easiest, just ran doubles and my couple of bigger runs with most of it just nice easy stuff. The only issue I found was it was time consuming so go in the morning, then at noon, always subject to sabatoge if something comes up that interferes. Nearly didn’t finish it the first time, my Sunday was all messed up and couldn’t get out that day, so it’s 10:30 at night, I needed 10 more miles and I just said to myself, ‘hey…if I go now, I can get them in before midnight’. Off I went, got home before 12 and managed 10 1/2 miles, moved the log to 70.5 for the week.

    Good job. Volume does wonders. By the looks of your paces you’re already a pretty decent runner, quicker than me.

    Keep flirting with that number, you’ll kick a** this season.

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