Track Practice Tuesday

Yesterday I woke up early and ran slowly and sleepily up a very steep hill near my apartment. After shuffling up the urban mountain, I cruised back down to complete the 5-mile loop, hopped in the shower and sped to work.

That was the easy part of my day.

Later, and as a second workout of the day, I ran track practice with my local running club, The Red Lizards. My relationship with speed work isn’t the greatest. I know I need to do speed work. I acknowledge that it’s good for me, but I have such a hard time dealing with it. It’s the only workout of the week that I truly dread. I’m trying my hardest to breakdown this psychological barrier. What is  it with track practice that gets me almost as nervous as racing? Maybe it’s the prospect of pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Maybe it’s knowing that it’s going to hurt. Maybe it’s because I know I need it.

Whatever it is, I look forward to track like I look forward to doing my taxes. It’s not fun, but I hope that it’s worth it.

So after work  jogged to track practice with a belly full of dread – but it was all for naught because track practice rocked.

Here’s the workout:

1X 1600 – 400m recovery. I ran it in 6:10

400-600-400 with 100m recoveries between each

2X800m -400m recoveries. I ran both a 2:57

WOW! I may have felt like I weighed a zillion pounds and my legs were full of cement, but my times proved otherwise.

Conclusion: Track Practice, I hate to love you. I love to hate you. You’re my new best frienemy!

Yesterday, a fellow runner and awesome blogger, Neeraj, asked what kind of track workouts I’ve been doing. Oh Neeraj, if you only knew how happy you comment made me. I was looking for an excuse to write about track practice. I hope this blog article answers your question.

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5 Responses to Track Practice Tuesday

  1. copiaverborum says:

    Amazing times! Well done. I always seem to feel worse just before the track workout, but then do well during it. Almost as though the dread itself makes me feel heavy and slow prior to the workout. You rocked it!

  2. Ana-Maria says:

    I am nowhere as fast as you are, but what helps me about track workouts is that they are short. I ran a max of 4 total miles of itnervals, which for me is less than 28 minutes total (for you would be more like 20-25). I can certainly do 28 minutes! I tend to actually enjoy the 400 meters, and struggle with the 1-2mile intervals. Still, thinking about intervals in terms of time helps a lot! You rock, Heather! Can’t wait for your next marathon bc I know you are going to run it in less than 3 hours! Ana-Maria

  3. Hi Heather,
    Thanks a lot for taking time out and writing details about track workouts. I asked because I also started doing track workouts 4-5 weeks back and I hate to run them and love the results they produce.

    You should also consider putting your PR’s in 5k, 10k, 10 miler etc. in your best races. Just a thought, 🙂
    Any plans of running a PR in Houston next year on a relatively flat course?


  4. aron says:

    I feel the same way about speed workouts… I love them after they are done and I always think well that wasn’t sooo bad, but every week I get so nervous before them!

    You rocked that one!!!

  5. Irish Cream says:

    Ah yes, the love-hate relationship with speed work is something I am becoming VERY familiar with! You dominated those intervals, Heather . . . excellent job!!

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