Thank you, Helmet for protecting my brain. You did your job and you did it well. Thank you, Bones. You didn’t break. You didn’t fracture.  Also, special shout outs to Patella and Femur for looking so cute in the X-Ray at the hospital. You ladies should be models.

Thank you Stella, my road bike, for taking the majority of the impact. You sacrificed your safety for mine. Respect.

Thank you, Andres my next door neighbor and his dog, Loki, for being there. Thank you Motorcyclist who stopped. Thank you Other Driver for stopping and having insurance and being responsible. Sadly, not everyone would do the same these days.

Thank you Ruben for taking on the role of Chief Communications Officer with my mom and escorting me to the hospital where I bled on you, The Readers Digest and the waiting room chair.

Thank you Mom and Dad for being there to listen and help on what was truly an impossible day.

Thank you Mom for posting such a wonderful comment on the last post.

Lastly, here’s to you,  Eugene Marathon. You are less than a week away. It would take more than getting hit by a car to keep me from you. You won’t get away that easily.


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13 Responses to Acknowledgements:

  1. Nate says:

    Bike crashes….they really suck (coming from someone who had his face torn off in a bad encounter with asphalt) but I can attest that once you recover, you’re going to feel a new sense of invincibility and will run the Eugene Marathon faster then you even imagine now. Best of luck.

  2. Aileen says:

    You are one tough chick. Good luck to you and I’ll be saying more than a few prayers that you show Eugene who’s the boss. Not Tony Danza, of course, but YOU.

  3. Irish Cream says:

    Wow, Heather! I just read your last two posts . . . and I am SO glad that you are okay! Your crash sounds like it must have been absolutely terrifying! Although, I should really know by now that it would take more than getting hit by a car to stop you! This will just make it all the more bad ass when you rock Eugene! Heal well!

  4. therunningninja says:

    ..and thank God for the guidance. Glad to hear you’re alright.

    The Running Ninja

  5. Ana-Maria says:

    Huge sigh of relief! So glad you are OK. Ana-Maria

  6. Susan says:

    I’m glad to hear that you’re okay! I’m guessing you’re injury free for Eugene, so best of luck!

  7. Nat says:

    Thank god you’re ok.

  8. aron says:

    omgosh heather, sooooo glad you are ok!! yikes that must have been scary!! now rest up – less than 6 days to go!

  9. kevin says:

    Oh, wow. I’m just seeing this. I too say thank you Mr. Helmet!

  10. Lisa says:

    I am glad you are ok and that this setback (and a painful, scary one at that) has not derailed your marathon plans.

  11. smchurchi says:

    Thank God you’re okay! Wow! That’s every cyclist’s nightmare. You’ll do fantastically at the Eugene Marathon, Heather. No worries!

  12. Great to hear you’re OK!

  13. RunForLife says:

    Glad to hear nothing is broken and I hope you aren’t too sore or freaked out. Still, be sure to take it easy before the marathon.

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