Things I’m doing the week before the marathon

Eugene marathon

1. I’m concluding that being hit by a car only adds to the marathon challenge. Y’all know I like a challenge

2. I’m freaking out. What if I don’t reach my goal time? What if I bonk? What if I go out too fast?

3. I’m  trying to calm down. Wait, don’t I love running marathons?  Don’t I love the finish line? Don’t I love the post race french fries? Answer: Yes, yes and most definitely yes.

4. I’m tapering. And hating every second of it. 

5. I’m imaging running my goal pace. Cool. Calm. Collected and loving every second of it.

6. I’m getting a massage

7. I’m eating sardines

8. I’m going to bed early and waking up at 5AM. The race starts at 7AM on Sunday. Today I ran one of my last workouts: 8 Miles, easy, without a watch, starting at 7AM. I feel like it’s a great way to gear up for the race psychologically

9. I’m wishing I had three more weeks to train

10. I’m wishing the race were tomorrow

11. I’m wishing I hadn’t signed up for the race

12. I’m wishing that I wasn’t so moody

13. I’m thinking about how easy my friends make it look and remember to think of them when I run on Sunday

14. I’m deciding that I’m ready.



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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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9 Responses to Things I’m doing the week before the marathon

  1. Maura says:


    I’m with you on most of these (sardines have not made it into my diet yet).

    I’ll be there in the rain on Sunday with you, getting after it, so this post really pumped me up. Thanks for putting such a great blog out there and best of luck on Sunday.

  2. You do go all out to make a challenge even more challenging don’t you 😉 ?

    Have a great race. I look forward to the report.

  3. JimR says:

    Glad you’re okay. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. When Ed Whitlock first broke 3 hours in his 70’s, he’d had a bad fall a few days before. Didn’t stop him any, just made for a less than stellar finish line pik-cher.

    Good luck!

  4. Ana-Maria says:

    Heather, so glad you are OK, I was worried. I am starting to bike more myself, and I see how nasty some drivers are to us bikers. As far as Eugene, we’ll love you no matter what. You know you can reach your time goal, we know it too. Lets hope everything will come together for you on race day!
    Good luck, Ana-Maria

  5. Irish Cream says:

    Ah yes. There’s the taper madness we’re all so familiar with! Just remember number 14–because that one is a sure bet (and this coming from somebody who’s not suffering from taper madness at the moment)! 😉

  6. aron says:

    #9 and #10 are sooo me right now… i want it to be here but then i am like NOOO not ready!

    GOOD LUCK this weekend!!!! you will do amazing i am sure! i am heading up there tomorrow and going to the expo on sat but email me if you want to meet up runnersrambles at gmail dot com.

  7. trainwreck says:

    You are so ready. When you hit that race pace just shut the brain off, because you know what it feels like to be in the throes of a marathon. And before you know it you’ll be crossing that finish line. I’m betting on a new PR for you Heather Beth!!

  8. RunForLife says:

    Taper sucks! I’m sure you’ll do well, GOOD LUCK!!!

  9. Peter Hatton says:

    Glad to hear you are ok and still up for the challenge of the Eugene Marathon! I look forward to your report and narrative of the race, it should be good running weather (if its not too rainy). I am sure you will do well from all accounts in your blog, you’re doing awesome! You go girl! say hi to mum and dad!

    Peter (Bend)

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