Eugene Marathon: Photos, Thoughts…

Official Results:

Time: 3:07:55

Average Pace: 7:11/mile

Overall: Fourth place woman

Second place in age division.

What I did well:

I ran gutsy.

I ran hard.

What I could better:

Run faster, of course!


About heatherdaniel

I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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7 Responses to Eugene Marathon: Photos, Thoughts…

  1. Aileen says:

    I am still in awe. Absolutely inspiring…congratulations again!!!

  2. modhealth says:

    Great pictures, especially the “overwhelmed” one.

  3. carpeviam says:

    Well done! Really. What an amazing accomplishment!

  4. Tom says:

    What an amazing race you had! I enjoyed every detail of your race report. So thrilled for you!

  5. Great pics. Your expressions on them gives an idea of what you felt after having finished the race. Congrats on the great stats/result!

  6. Lisa says:

    Those pictures truly tell a story. I am officially inspired.

  7. Teresa says:

    Can I just say you look awesome! That and your time is fantastic! You are very inspiring!

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