Recession Compression Socks

Compression Socks at my Local running store: $35-$60

Homemade Compression Socks: $0

Happy Legs: Priceless

How to Make Your Own Compression Socks (for free!)

Photo 204

DIY Compression Socks: For the Serious(ly Nerdy) Runner

Step 1: Run yourself to exhaustion. I found that running 13 miles of hills on Sunday and 19 miles this morning to be superbly effective

Step 2: Find a pair of tight arm warmers and put them on your legs. I find that my Pearl Izumi nylon pair work great

Step 3: Find an old pair of nylon dress socks and cut the toes off

Step 4: Slip the dress socks over the arm warmers. I doubled mine up around the calves

Step 5: Admire your thrifty creativeness with a glass of water and a blog post

Compression Sock

Compression Sock = A cooler version of a diabetic walking sock


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6 Responses to Recession Compression Socks

  1. Roisin says:

    So THAT’S how you do it…love it. Thanks, as I was balking at the idea of spending $30 on a pair of socks.

  2. Recovering in style! Very cool, very cool!

  3. kh says:

    Ummm…aren’t you just stretching out your arm warmers and now you will need to by new ones?

  4. Irish Cream says:

    Darn it! If only I was as creative as you, I could have saved myself $30! You are brilliant!

  5. jmari101 says:

    Hahaha, here we can get arm warmers for approximately 2 dollars … and wait not 1, not 2 … yes you got it, 3 arm warmers for the price of 2 bucks.

    This article is genius – now i gotta get myself arm warmers and see if they work as well.

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