SOB 50 KM: The Mother Ultra

Oh crap. This always happens. I sign up for a big race months ahead of time and then go about my training and in my mind the race remains a speck in the future, getting nearer, but never actually arriving. Oh yeah, I’d think often, that ultra marathon I signed up for, it’s in July sometime. I said that for months: Oh yeah, that ultra marathon. It’s coming up sometime in July. And look at that. Here we are. It’s July and I’m one week away from running the Siskiyou Out and Back 50k.

HOLY SHOTBLOCKS, readers! It’s time to begin pre-race panicking. Just look at the facts:

#1 The course description reads like this:  The courses meander along the Pacific Crest Trail with breathtaking views of Mt. Shasta, Mt. McLoughlin , and the Siskiyou and Cascade mountain ranges. The total course elevation gain for the 50K is approximately 4,200 ft.

Please note how casually they throw around the idea of 4,200 feet of elevation gain.

#2: It’s 50k! That’s long no matter how you cut it.

#3. There are fewer than 200 runners

#4. The course starts at a ski lodge at 6,500 feet.  Meaning not only will it be steep, but I’ll be starting at a much higher elevation than usual and I’ll have less oxygen to help me get up the 4,200 feet of elevation gain.

So of course I’m nervous. Really nervous. I’m trying to remain relaxed and realize that I’ve trained hard. I’m trying to remember that it’s about the experience. I’m trying to remember that when I signed up for the race I said “ohh, that sounds like fun.”

Ask me next Saturday at Mile 22 if I’m still having fun.


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3 Responses to SOB 50 KM: The Mother Ultra

  1. Layla says:

    Just the other day I was looking at that very Web site, thinking, “If I were the type to think I could run an ultra, and train for it without getting injured, I would want to run that race.” I’m a Siskiyou County native, and I still miss Mt. Shasta every day. There are no mountains where I’m at now, and I have to drive half an hour if I want to run on a hill.

    So, when that trail is trying to kick your ass, kick it right back for me. And even if it’s trying not to be fun, have fun for me.

    Good luck!

  2. John says:

    I would just like to remind you that a week ago you ran an impromptu marathon (give or take) on an empty stomach, all the while out-cheering 18 rock bands and about 30,000 spectators, and nary a bead of sweat crossed your forehead the entire time. You are a goddess of the gallop, if there were a bag big enough, you would have this 50k in it already. Have fun.

  3. rachel says:

    Ditto John. You’re an amazing runner and an even better friend. That said, you’re going to kick that race’s ass.

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