Case of the Mondays

It’s not an easy to have a fantastic Monday morning, you know. There’s usually something that gets in the way. Like you misplace your keys or you sleep through your alarm or you are still so mentally checked out from the weekend that you’re unable to muster the courage to do anything but press Snooze.

Today I suffered none of those setbacks. Nope. Not a one. At 6:10 am I celebrated my return to running with a 4-mile run at a 7:15 pace (not too shabby, right?) The air was crisp. I ran into my friend Drew who I haven’t seen in weeks, and my legs felt fresh and springy despite having completed a 82-mile bike ride on Saturday.

I followed the run with a shower and a brisk ride to work on my Cannondale. Everything seemed so right. So happy. So good. But at work things took a turn. It was nothing terrible. Just a big load of work right from the get-go and not a moment to think things through. The day passed by in a stressful blur. I had to scramble out of the office, get to a chiropractor appointment and return to the office to send a flurry of emails. By the time I strapped on my helmet it was 7:53PM and my stress levels were through the roof. All good vibes from the morning had evaporated.

I bolted across town and charged over the bridge in a fit of angry energy. I arrived at my apartment sweaty, out of breath and determined not to let the day get the best of me. So what did I do? You KNOW what I did. I swapped out my earrings, laced up my Mizunos and didn’t even bother to wash off my mascara. I ran 5 miles and with each mile the day, the office, the computer screen at which I had been staring all disappeared. In its place a sense of pride and accomplishment took its place. It may have been a rough day, but the day would NOT get the best of me.

And as if finishing the day with 9 fantastic miles wasn’t enough. I am also baking a blueberry pie (gluten-free) right now to celebrate the end of a day that I will never have to repeat! Horray!


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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3 Responses to Case of the Mondays

  1. Ana-Maria says:

    Oh, Heather, you are a ball of energy! After such a day, I would have befriended the couch and the TV! Ana-Maria

  2. The Mom says:

    Oh My goodness, there had to have been a switch in the nursery. I wonder what the energetic parents are thinking about the reflective, poetic, cruise-mosey daughter that they have now. You are so amazing… do look in your dictionary and discover a word… moderation…. it may serve you well sometime in the future, but for now I do admire your zippy, peppy, athletic, and sometimes manic life… Your determination never ceases to amaze me.
    Love to you … always. the Mom

  3. Marc says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how much energy you seem to be able to scrape out of the most draining of days. Makes me feel like I should stop making excuses for not finding the time to run or bike. :p

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