GU Review: Jet Blackberry

I know this guy who works at a bike shop and every once in awhile a rep comes in with free goodies. Sometimes it’s cycling socks, or t-shirts or stickers. And sometimes, if I’m lucky, I am on the receiving end of these goodies. This happened just a few weeks ago when the bike guy brought over a gigantic bag full energy snacks and sample packs. OH MY SNACKS! It was like Christmas. Bike Store Guy, you certainly know how to please this runner!

There was a strange assortment of acai-berry GU chomps and a few dozen GU packets. The GU immediately caught my attention. Those packs aren’t cheap, you know  and there was enough to fuel me for months of long training runs. I had hit the quick carb jackpot! There were two flavors. Mint Chocolate and a new flavor called Jet Blackberry. I was quick to note that Jet Blackberry had 2x the caffeine. I’m already a fan of Espresso GU that also has 2x the caffeine. I thought this could potentially be the beginning of a wonderful GU relationship. I couldn’t wait to take Jet Blackberry out for a run.

GU-licioius? Maybe...

Impressions: I’m suspicious of a products who use unnatural modifiers in the title. Jet Blackberry sounds like a kid’s yogurt flavor.  What is Jet blackberry? What is Jet supposed to taste like? I took my first hit of Jet Blackberry GU about an hour into a 3-hour trail run. First, it didn’t taste like blackberry, but neither could I say what it did taste like. Maybe it tasted like blackberry in the same way that banana Runts taste like actual bananas. Maybe I was asking for too much true blackberry taste from this little foil package.  Not-blackberry taste  aside, there was a plasticky chemical essence too that stayed with me longer I sucked down the packet’s contents. Now maybe all GU flavors have this and I’m just being picky?

Conclusions: Espresso Love still owns the podium as my #1 favorite energy gel. I also think that Jet Blackberry was the wrong name.  It should have been something like “Vaguely Fruit Flavored GU” But I’m guessing that wouldn’t have fit on the package.


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8 Responses to GU Review: Jet Blackberry

  1. Thank you for the review. I’m fairly new to the “GU” and I’ve only tried the vanilla bean so far. I’m preparing for the Hood to Coast Relay this summer and need to find GOOD stuff for that!

  2. I don’t experiment much with GU flavors. I love chocolate GU and can stand vanilla. I will start experimenting, if they stop making these flavors! Thanks for the review…I will stay away from Jet Blackberry.

  3. aron says:

    i LOVE jet blackberry gu 🙂 but i am on a fruity kick right now so it mixes well with tri-berry and lemon lime. to me it tastes similar to the tri-berry just has a little different after taste.

  4. Layla says:

    I still want to try jet blackberry, but I doubt it will top Espresso for me, either — though I do like the mint chocolate. I’m ok with all of them, actually, except vanilla. Now if lemon lime had caffeine in it, I think that would trump espresso.

  5. Marvin says:

    Great review Heather! I prefer the plain and vanilla bean, both are easy to take. I can’t handle those fancy flavors.

  6. Scott says:

    Hi Heather-

    Great review, I look forward to seeing what you think of chomps! We have a slight addiction to them here at the OutsidePR office. They make our mid-afternoon runs almost TOO speedy (and don’t have the same aftertaste of the gels). Give me a shout if you have any interest in doing some more product reviews.


  7. Stephanee says:

    Do yourselves a favor and make your own gels, or at least use something like Clif Shot, Clif Bloks, Luna Moons, etc without artificial ingredients that’s better for your body (and the planet – happy earth month!).

    Making your own is super easy and cheap, and you can customize the flavors. Small squeeze bottles work great. Mix gel + water and they’re easy to take on the run. Check out this link

  8. Sandy says:

    I had the same thought about it not tasting very much like “blackberries”. I was so excited too! Oh well. Chocolate Outrage remains my go to. But, I’m thinking of giving Espresso Love a try next!

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