This weekend in running and other updates

Every runner needs a source of motivation. It’s what makes us put on our shoes when it’s cold out and it’s what makes you run the last mile instead of shuffling it in. Recently my motivation has been a tiny purple Post-It Note. Every Monday I write a little post-it note and affix it to my computer monitor. The Post-It note has the week’s date, the week’s goal mileage and the days written out. Then every day I write down my run and if I’m really feeling cool, maybe a few notes: “Monday: 7 miles AM, trail, tired legs” It’s a  simple system and yet oh-so-effective! If I’m tempted to skip a run the thought of not filling out the post-it note pushes me out the door. Do not let the post-it note go empty, Heather!

According to the post-it notes I’ve racked up 4 weeks in a row of 50+ miles. I’m not yet flirting with 65 miles a week, yet, but that’s my aim. I have faith that my Post-It notes will help me get to that magic number soon.

Ok, so now to talk about my recent running adventures. The weather has been getting nice here in Portland and this weekend was the first that I remember in months that I didn’t have to go out to the grocery store with a jacket (hooray spring!).

Saturday: I woke up extra early, made coffee, gathered my stuff and drove to Multnomah Falls. To those who are unfamiliar with  running at Multnomah Falls and in the gorge in general, let me say this. You are missing out. It is trail running at its finest  – hardcore, steep, rugged, beautiful.

My plan was simple – run from the base of Multnomah Falls to Larch Mountain and back. My trail running book described it as a be a 13.2 mile run out and back with nearly…. oh, dear….  4,000 feet of elevation gain. At which point I asked myself if hill work wasn’t an appropriate name for my workout and that “mountain climbing” might be the better description. A swallowed my nervousness about the run, strapped on my water bottle and started slowly, slowly up the switchbacks.

Trail to Larch Mountain

The run was one continuous up-hill slog for 4.8 miles and then a sloggier slog for another 2 miles through snow. I passed a few hikers.  One said hello and I replied that this was the longest 6 miles of my entire life. He laughed. I did not.

You're almost there, except not at all...

Eventually I actually made it to the top! Woohooo! I ate a GU admired the scenery, looked sadly at my snow-soaked socks and  and took the trail back down. Going down was not all that easy either. It was a steep decent and technical too. Larch Mountain, you were not easy! Let’s hang out again real soon.

Post Run: While I was busy running up the side of the mountain, my (boy)friend, Sir Cycles-A-Lot opted to ride the 43 miles from town to meet me at the romantic Multnomah Falls parking lot . I arrived at the car following my run looking and smelling something special. Sir Cycles-A-Lot, on the other hand, appeared looking dapper in carefully coordinated spandex like he had just stepped out of a catalog. I had been outdone. Sir Cycles-A-Lot and I drove back together to town, freshened up (not that he needed to) and stumbled in a haze of low-blood sugar to a breakfast restaurant where we wolfed down a truly amazing amount of food.


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7 Responses to This weekend in running and other updates

  1. That is so cool that you did that! I used to hike Multnomah Falls pretty regularly and always thought about attempting to run. I wasn’t quite sure I could do it!

  2. Roshni says:

    This is super !
    Mountain/Incline running always makes me nervous.

  3. Joe Clark says:

    You and your blog rock. I stumbled onto this site last fall as I was building my mileage for a marathon return after 14 years. I got up to 16 miles in November, then got sick, and never got back into a good routine. I remembered your site, and came back for some motivation – and damn, your good at running and blogging and motivating. Congratulations on your 1/2, and your progress. Keep running, and enjoying life (and keeping us posted).


  4. Nicola says:

    Hi, I have just come across your blog in my search for motivational running blogs and your writing is great!! It is the first one so far that I have actually wanted to keep reading, it made me excited to get back into running. I am just starting out at running and need all the motivation that I can get. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog!
    Thanks, Nicola

  5. marvin says:

    there’s still snow on the ground?? burrr!

  6. Chery says:

    I just came across your blog and I find it very motivational. I have added you to my list of favorite blogs to view. Keep them coming……..I anxiously await your update.

  7. steve lloyd says:

    heather- this is steve lloyd, your [old?] neighbor.
    i need to talk with you about an endurance ultrawalk. i think you will be able to help me. please call or email me, i cant find your #!

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