Running Challenge: Day #5, Treadmillin’ It!

Today started out as any hectic Monday should.  I couldn’t seem to locate the zillion things I need to get out the door; cell phone, keys, jacket, blah, gloves, dog, coffee, blah, blah, dog leash, dog jacket, apple, blah, blah, blah! 

I was scurrying around my apartment when I got an ex-text. You know, a text message from the recently ex-boyfriend. The text was totally normal and nothing about our break up was terrible other than the regular terribleness that comes with breaking up when you’d rather it not be like that. So a text message from him shouldn’t have been at all weird because it was just a logistical note. But for whatever reason it sent me into a tailspin! A tailspin, I tell you! So, of course it took me another precious few minutes to collect myself and get myself out the door. End result? My anxiety levels were much too high for 8:29AM.

The rest of the work day followed a similar theme. Lots of work, lots to keep me busy. I got home around 7, took the dog for a short walk and then had to make probably the most important decision of the day. Should I run outside in the bitter cold? or should I go to the gym and suffer through a boring but relatively warm run? It was a hard decision to make but I had just finished a 30 minute bike ride home and the thought of being outside in the cold darkness just didn’t appeal. So off to the gym I went, along with the rest of Portland, apparently. The gym was packed!  During my seemingly endless time on the treadmill I had the opportunity to stare at the gigantic “Exceed all Expectations!” sign on the wall. More importantly though, despite a truly frazzlish Monday, I got to exercise it all out on the treadmill! Whoop!

Run #5: 60 minutes; 6.5+ miles

Terrain: 2% on the treadmill.

Thoughts: Treadmills do suck all joy from running. But they do have their place in the world, especially when the world is cold and dark outside and I don’t have the courage to deal with the elements.


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I'm a runner, writer, eater and traveler.
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One Response to Running Challenge: Day #5, Treadmillin’ It!

  1. So true– the treadmill sucks. But better the treadmill than doing nothing at all!!!

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