Running Challenge Day #7: Early and Doggy

Seven days down in the Holiday Run Challenge! If you’re unfamiliar, my original goal was to run everyday between Thanksgiving and Christmas. But yesterday I found out that Runners World is doing a similar thing, but instead of Thanksgiving, they are motivating runners to keep up a running streak from Thanksgiving to January 1.  Well, I’m up for extending the challenge. I’m seven days into it, a whole entire week, and feeling pretty positive about the whole thing.

Today’s run was pretty damn fantastic. I woke up at 6:15 and rolled around in bed for far too long. Finally, I hefted myself out of the covers and got myself and my dog ready to run.

This is my dog by the way. Her name is Abby.

We look too similar in this photo!

This is her again. And me.  This is how we go to work on mornings when it’s not raining

Dog and Bike Commuter

Anyway, as you can see she’s tiny, but also beefy. She needs at least an hour of exercise before going to the office. Yes, Abby is an a full time office dog and we try to commute to work by bike if we can help it. Today, I decided to take us for a run in Forest Park. Running with Abby usually end up being pretty frustrating for me. She gets distracted by little birdy things or chases after squirrely scents. This morning though, she was relatively well-behaved. We finished a 40 minute run in the misty, foggy forest.

Run #7: 40 minutes

Terrain: Forest, slippery leaves. Some puddles

Thoughts: There is really nothing better than running in the forest before work. I love you, Forest Park.



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3 Responses to Running Challenge Day #7: Early and Doggy

  1. Layla says:

    I love the doggie commute photo!! How fun is that?!

  2. scott says:

    i have no idea, but somehow i stumbled upon your blog from reading other portland trail running blogs… anyhow, do you live near lower macleay? i’ve either seen you, or someone that is you and your dogs clone riding by my apartment on several occasions- totally cracks me up to see the dog leaning into the turns!

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